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We head off on our honeymoon a couple of days after our wedding (having 7 weeks off work for Summer is definitely a perk of being a teacher). Our first stop is San Francisco and before we get ready to board the plane we want to have the trip planned out to make the most off our time in the Golden City. The best way to start off planning for a trip is to create a list of things you want to see, do and eat. So here is our San Francisco Bucket List.
Golden Gate Bridge
It would be ridiculous to go to San Francisco without considering to check out the symbol of the city. We're considering cycling across the bridge to see it in it's full glory however walking across part of it might actually suit me better! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the fog stays away so that I get a decent photo, or else we'll be visiting it a few times!

Since watching Escape From Alcatraz and a few different documentaries I've been determined to see the island prison. We're going to book our Alcatraz tour tickets before we leave for The City as they sell out weeks in advance, especially in peak season. The Alcatraz tour is made up of the ferry journey to the island, seeing the cell blocks, the warden's house and lighthouse, along with a few other areas. I think this might be the most talked about attraction in the city. 
Pier 39
There is literally so much to do at Pier 39, the amount of attractions is amazing. High up on my list is seeing the sea lions, closely followed by the 7D experience and carousel. Pier 39 looks and sounds like a fun place to spend an afternoon enjoying some different food from the eateries and enjoying the Fisherman's Wharf area. I think I'll be buying all my souvenirs from here too, especially from the Christmas shop.  

Walt Disney Family Museum
One of the less talked about attractions that's made it onto our bucket list is the Walt Disney museum in the Presido area of San Francisco. The museum is all about the life of Walt Disney and because we're both Disney fans we're a little intrigued to learn a bit more. With different exhibitions, hands on activities and film clips to see we can spend a few hours here if the weather isn't quite on our side. I'd also image I'll have my teacher hat on at some points looking for inspiration for my next class.

Cheesecake Factory
This isn't specific to San Francisco and to anyone from America will sound like a stupid thing to have on a bucket list but for us this is an absolute must. We both love cheesecake, in fact our wedding cake is very much inspired by this love. We've been to the Cheesecake Factory before in Las Vegas but we definitely have to go to the one at Macy's in Union Square. This shouldn't be too tricky to tick off our list.

Mrs Doubtfire's House
One of my favourite childhood movies, that I could watch over and over again, so I have to go and see the Mrs Doubtfire House! I know it's little more than a random house on a street but it's just one of those things. Similarly The Princess Diaries was another favourite movie than was set in San Francisco so being able to see some of the film locations would be quite cool. Maybe we need to look into a Movie Tour... 

If you've been to San Francisco and I've missed something important off my list, please let me know. We've been flicking through the Eyewitness Travel Top 10 San Francisco book and googling to our hearts content but sometimes it's better from another tourists perspective. We're staying around Union Square and shopping is naturally going to be an essential activity for me on our trip but I'm looking forward to seeing all of the sights.
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