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How many times have you packed your water bottle into your bag only for it to leak all over your stuff? I had to stop taking my bottle in my workbag after ruining paperwork galore - goodbye meeting minutes and maths marking. Thankfully I've never had my clothes soaked in my gym bag yet, but it was bound to happen soon if I didn't get my hands on an upgrade. Introducing the leak proof, BPA free, one touch open Ion8 water bottle

Making sure I drink plenty of water is one of my top priorities in shredding for the wedding. It's amazing the impact water can have on your skin, hair, mood and weight loss so I need a water bottle that is convenient. I love the one press flip lid on the Ion8 bottle, you can easily get to your water while you're running on the treadmill, no twisting caps or complicated locked lids. Just press it back down and it's sealed for no leaking.    

I'm impressed by the fast flow too, no hanging about if you're dying of thirst, get hydrated quickly and with no straws, pipes or filters makes it so easy for cleaning. It's dishwasher safe though if you're feeling particularly lazy. Apparently it's suitable for hot and cold drinks but I've not put it to the test because lets face it, if I can start taking tea everywhere with me it's just going to start getting dangerous.

One of the biggest selling points of the Ion8 water bottles is that it's BPA free. BPA is an industrial chemical that's been used to make plastic since the 1960s. It can seep from the plastic into water and can cause health problems including high blood pressure. As more research becomes available it's worth doing what you can to avoid exposure to BPA including using a BPA free, non-toxic water bottle

I have always been a tap water person, in fact I missed the quality of our tap water when I lived away at uni, so I'm already up on reducing plastic pollution but maybe you've been inspired by BBC's Blue Planet to reduce plastic. So maybe it's time to stop with bottled water and get yourself an Ion8 water bottle. Rubbish tap water is no excuse - get yourself a filter!
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