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We've been in our house for over two years now and apart from painting nearly every room within the first two months we've not done much more decorating. To be fair we got engaged after 6 months in the house so that quickly changed the direction of the majority of our money so my dreams of a new bathroom, kitchen and doors quickly went out of the window. I've done my best to make some changes in a more affordable way including painting all of the internal doors and building decking with the help of our Dads. My latest DIY transformation involved some Glittery Tile Stickers.

One of the first things we did when we moved in was get rid of the dark blue ceiling and terracotta walls in the downstairs bathroom. Having fresh white walls and ceiling was a massive improvement and it really brightened up the room. I wasn't a massive fan of the floral print on the tiles but without the hideous paint I was able to see past them for a while. Fast forward two years I started thinking about the tile stickers I used in the kitchen.

The thing that stopped me buying tile stickers for the bathroom was the awkward size of tiles. They never matched up to any of the stickers available on ebay or Amazon. They were 4.2inches instead of 4 inches. I loved the glitter tiles that Red Graphics UK sold on ebay so I decided to message and find out if a custom size was possible. Why did I not do it sooner!? It was no problem at all and didn't cost any more. 65 4.2 inch tile stickers cost £29.99.
Choosing a colour can be quite hard and because I was going to be buying a custom size I wouldn't be able to return them. I didn't want to take the risk so I started out with a sample of Light Onyx and Sapphire Blue. They were £1.49 each which seems pricey but totally worth it. I thought with the blue in the tile designs and my blue bath mat that the bright glitter blue would be my favourite but once the samples arrived I was instantly drawn in by the grey glitter stickers.

The stickers are so easy to apply. I applied them all by myself, using a craft knife to cut down any of the tiles which are not full size tiles. You can get an application tool to help when your order from Red Graphics UK but I found a shower squeegee worked just as well. 

It's amazing what a transformation 65 tile stickers can make. My bathroom looks a lot more modern and has put my dream of a new bathroom on hold for a little longer.
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