Primark Haul | March 2018

I did some damage in Primark this month. I was solo shopping so I had plenty of time to wander up and down, back and forth with no one to get annoyed at me for looking at the same thing multiple times. I hadn't been to Primark since the start of January so I was in need of a few basics and essentials (underwear doesn't need to be photographed but you know it's in there) and also a bit of a Spring wardrobe update. I also bought loads for my hen weekend abroad and honeymoon in August, so much so I'm going to have a whole holiday shop haul coming up later. But first it's time for my March 2018 Primark Haul.

I can't quite believe how much Primark's beauty range is growing. I used to head to that section for some £1 stick on nails and not bother looking at the rest. This time I spent ages looking through absolutely everything - especially the palettes. There's no doubt Primark has been inspired by lots of high end brands and I managed to limit myself to just two palettes. In my Primark wishlist I had hoped to get my hands on the Urban Decay dupe palette called Berry but actually once I saw the different shades on Berry, Amber and Urban I settled for Amber. It's a £4 palette with 10 different eyeshadow shades. I can't imagine using all the shades but there's some really gorgeous ones tucked in there. Then onto the P.S Chocolate Palette which was £6 for a mixture of eyeshadow, contour and highlight products. There's no denying this was influenced by the Two Faced products though not one specific palette. Surprisingly enough it does actually smell a bit like Chocolate.
In my opinion Primark's jeans are amazing. I have been wearing and loving their Super High Waist Skinny jeans in black for months. They're only £9 and they fit me like a glove. I wear black jeans to work so tend to wear them most days which can mean the colour fades but I wouldn't say they fade any quicker than black jeans from New Look, Top Shop or River Island. They come in different lengths and the 30" ones are spot on. However as we're coming into Spring I feel like I need to mix it up a little and not wear black all of the time, out with work. I must admit I'm rather picky when it comes to shades of denim so this isn't an easy task. I ended up choosing the Body Sculpt Skinny jeans which had a £13 price tag. I feel like they were the perfect dark, but not too dark, blue but not too blue pair of jeans. Unfortunately they didn't come in different lengths but they're not too long and not being high waisted meant I could jump on the bandwagon with the Gucci style belt. This belt has been all over Instagram, blogs and Youtube. It's just £4 and one of the best high street versions of the £200+ belt. Edinburgh Primark didn't have any small belts left so I need to add in a few more holes to make this work for me but I'm looking forward to attempting to be stylish. 
Florals, kimonos and blouses - that pretty much sums up my Spring Summer wardrobe. I think these were the most exciting two purchases and I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit to get to wear them. The black floral print kimono/blazer was a little pricier at £15 but I think I'll be wearing it loads. I went for a smaller size so that it's not oversized and drowning me. The sleeves have a nice bit of ruching, there's a tie waist and the waterfall neckline is flattering. Big fan. Floral blouses are near enough my uniform for work and as we come into Spring I wanted a blouse that's a bit brighter and lighter. This light pink floral blouse was £8. I like the added zips at the shoulders and three quarter length sleeves are good for the chillier days. With a pair of jeans and flip flops I'm winning trendy teacher awards with my pupils.

Another floral print purchase, I bought some slim leg floral print trousers from the workwear section for £10. These won't be worn for a little while yet, until my boots can be packed away and pumps and flip flops can replace them. These are nice for work but also just a good change from wearing jeans all of the time. Primark has a few different patterns and designs; I chose these ones because they're not too garish. 
This jacket isn't going to cut it if we keep having weather like the snow and storms at the start of the month. In theory, as we move into Spring I should be able to wear a lighter jacket but will need a hood for the inevitable showers of rain. This lightweight, packable jacket is only £15 and impressively soft. I think this will be quite good for taking on my honeymoon to San Francisco as it can be packed away quite small but will keep me warm when the temperatures drop. As for in Scotland I'm sure I'll be wearing this quite often in the Summer months. A nice little practical purchase.
During my February half term break from work I completely cleared out my wardrobe and made a little list of things I needed to update or repurchase. I needed to get a new blouse style white top. My other ones were either too big, marked or looking a little dull. I couldn't believe my luck when I managed to find exactly what I wanted for just £4. These black and white vest tops are so easy to wear through the Spring and Summer and are complete essentials in my wardrobe. They look good with the floral print trousers too.

Primark is fantastic for homeware updates. I've recently spruced up my bathroom with some tile stickers and I felt like we needed a new bathmat to keep up the grey and glitter theme. The chenille bathmats are only £6 and so soft and fuzzy; perfect on your feet when you step out of the shower. It's a nice big size and fills the space outside of our shower cubicle so looks great. As well as updating my bathroom I've also spent some time decluttering and rearranging my dressing room. I'm loving the new layout and trying my best to keep it neat and organised. During the changes I realised I didn't have anywhere to store my cotton pads for using with micellar water. Primark's cotton pad storage container was £3 and looks sleek and organised on top of my dressing table. My last homeware purchase was a dark grey king sized fitted sheet for £6.50. We're coming into the months where I wear gradual tan every so often and if we've got light sheets on they end up stained and ruined. You can't really beat Primark's prices for bedding.
The last thing in my basket was a complete impulse buy and influenced by my excitement for my hen weekend at the end of the month. Primark has a few Bride To Be accessories in stores just now and I couldn't resist getting myself a new pair of slippers all blinded up with Bride To Be on the front for £4. Their very soft and cushioned but because I've already had them on my feet loads I think I'll need to buy another pair if I want to wear them for my Wedding morning photos as the white isn't going to stay sparkly for long.

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