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As this post goes live I am on my hen weekend abroad and if you haven't realised from the hundred and one posts I've done on it so far I am so excited! 9 of us embarked on a road trip to the airport and we're jetting off for a few days... all a complete surprise for me. My bridesmaids had given me a few clues and when I was in Primark I had to buy some new things from their holiday ranges. 

So starting off with a bit of an extravagant purchase, I bought a suitcase in Primark. This ended up being an amazing way of carrying all my shopping around Edinburgh for hours but that's not why I bought it. I have a fab extra large suitcase with 4 wheels that's going to be perfect for my honeymoon but I didn't have a medium sized case. This gorgeous pink, 4 wheel, hard shell suitcase was only £30 and a great size for a week away in the sunshine. It's just perfect Jenna colour too. Speaking of Jenna colour I couldn't resist the metallic pink sun hat that was £4. I don't know if it'll be taken on my hen but I'll 100% need it in Mexico to protect my face and scalp. If you've ever burnt your scalp in your parting then you'll know what I'm talking about...
I'm a big fan of Primark bikinis as long as they're in their push-up boost range. I'm not blessed in that department and I feel much more confident wearing a bikini top with a bit of boost and padding. Primark's bikinis come separate which is good when your sizing is different and the bikini tops match bra sizes. I'm a fan of the understated grey and crochet design on this set so I snapped it up. The Push Up Bikini Top was £8 and the matching bikini bottoms were £3. A nice little set for just over £10. If I don't wear them on this trip they'll be coming to Mexico.
When it comes to flip flops and sandals I only really buy them from two places - New Look and Primark. The funny thing about Primark though is you have to buy them way before Summer because by the time the warmer weather hits all the flip flops are out of stock. That suits me perfectly this year when I'm on the lookout for sandals in March. Both pairs were £6 and I'm tempted to keep the ones on the left for my Wedding Day. They're a gorgeous pearl and diamantĂ© Y-shaped flip flop. Obviously I've got proper, gorgeous Rainbow Club heels for my wedding but I want to have some flip flops so that I can keep dancing all night. The flower T-Bar style flip flops are really cute and are definitely going to be in my suitcase for the hen weekend.
I wanted a pair of black ripped high waisted jeans from River Island when I first started outfit planning for the hen and my honeymoon. I couldn't quite justify the money and I'm glad I held out. These ripped high waist shorts were only £10 from Primark and considering the number of times I actually get to wear shorts in a year it's better to spend £1 per wear rather than £3. High Waisted jeans are quite a flattering style and the extreme rips make for a trendy pair of shorts. 
Normally when I go on holiday I don't take a bag to the beach or the pool, that's my fiancĂ©'s job. I carry a handbag the rest of the year so he's in charge of lugging everything about when we're abroad. That's not going to be an option for my hen weekend so I had the perfect excuse to buy myself a new bag. This nude coloured shopper tote was only £8 and it's such a good size for a beach bag. The inside is rose gold too - perfect! There's no pockets on the inside though so I'm not 100% sure yet if I'll be doubling this up as my hand luggage bag or taking something different.  I bought a pair of sunglasses from New Look and wanted a sunglasses case for them, how could I resist a pink glittery case/pouch for £2?! I also ended up buying another pair of sunglasses for £3. They're a completely different style and I also like that they don't have the little plastic bits at the nose so you can push them back into your hair without being worried about it getting all tangled up.
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