Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I thought I'd better get this review written up soon because later today I'm going to get Russian Volume Lashes so this little favourite is going to be made redundant! So when I don't have eyelash extensions I've got very fair, rather straight eyelashes. Without mascara my eyelashes are invisible and it really isn't a good look. All of my mascaras were running out at the beginning of the year (typical) and knowing I was about to spend quite a significant amount of money on eyelash extensions soon I didn't want to splash out on a high-end mascara. Sorry BADgal BANG your hype didn't work on me this time. Instead I headed to the Superdrug website and had a quick look through the reviews. Maybelline Lash Sensational came up trumps and landed in my basket.

It's marketed as being a lash multiplying mascara and the brush has 6 lengths of bristles to coat even the shortest lashes, those ones that easily go amiss. It's meant to volumise, leave lashes looking longer and in the shade very black it's meant to give an intense colour without clumping. These are all good claims and because I have quite a lot of lashes that you just don't see I was optimistic that the lash multiplying mascara would work well for me.

Starting off with the brush, I'm a fan of the big plastic brush, it's a good shape and clearly designed for the different parts of your eye. Because my eyelashes are so blonde I need to make sure I'm covering all the way to the root of my eyelashes and this brush definitely achieves that. From the first coat my eyelashes look fuller, longer and darker. One of the things I love about this mascara is I only have to do two coats for the full effect, no wasting time doing coat after coat.

I've put this mascara to the real test - applying it without curling my lashes first. My eyelashes are really quite straight and this mascara seems to have enough hold to pull them into a curl. The brush definitely helps to separate out your lashes while lengthening and volumising. The formula is a little bit wet which is no problem with my top lashes but I do have to take it easy on my bottom lashes. I wonder if it'll dry out a bit as it gets older. 

A struggle I can have with mascara is transfer onto my upper eyelid or smudging below my bottom lashes. So far that hasn't happened with the Lash Sensational mascara. There's no flaking and fallout which is definitely a must in a mascara. I hate when people say you've got a bit of mascara under your eye - you know you're never going to get rid of it without wiping away the rest of your makeup!

Unfortunately, like a lot of long lasting mascaras it is a pain to get off. I don't want to rub my eyes over and over to get my mascara off at night because -  number one, aging and number two I wear extended wear contact lenses and too much rubbing sends the lenses flying! There's been times when I've not got every last bit of mascara off and so the next day it doesn't apply as nicely as it should. That being said it doesn't give me as bad panda eyes as some other mascaras do when I wear it in the shower.

I'd recommend trying out Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara if you're looking for an affordable, high-street option. It does all that a good quality mascara should with an intense colour, lots of volume and curl without clumping. I can see why it's rating 4.5/5 stars on the Superdrug website. Maybe just invest in a decent eye makeup remover at the same time.
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