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I have definitely been bitten by the travel bug. I absolutely love jetting off to new places, exploring different cities and best of all sharing the memories with my husband to be. This time next week I'll be getting ready to head off on my hen weekend and there's sure to be some crazy memories made with my favourite ladies and it's got me thinking about my favourite holiday memories. From close to home to different continents, from life changing to full of fun here's my ultimate Life's Little Moments.

 Engaged in New York
My absolute favourite holiday memory to date has to be Mark's proposal in New York. I wrote all about it back in 2016 just after it happened. We were in the most amazing city in the world, had walked for miles visiting the different tourist attractions and just as the sun was beginning to set, with the Manhattan skyline in the background at Brooklyn Bridge Park he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He proposed with a Haribo ring so that we could choose a ring together in New York. It was absolutely perfect. And the funny thing was, before we went to New York some people said 'do you think he he'll propose?' and I said 'We've just bought a house, all he can afford is a Haribo ring!'... little did I know he'd bought exactly that.

Stargazing in Egypt
Another rather romantic memory has to be watching the sunset in Egypt and then stargazing in the desert. We went to Egypt as part of my 21st birthday present. We were there the week before Christmas and it was amazing to have a bit of sunshine in the midst of winter. We went on an excursion that was full of laughs and excitement - it really is one I'll remember forever. We rode camels across the desert, watched the sunset behind the hills, ate traditional food at an Egyptian camp around a fire (which included me having to do a forward roll!?) then looked up at the stars and had a closer look through a telescope.

Kayaking in Turkey
My next holiday memory was on one of our more recent holidays and something a little bit different for us but one of the experiences that made our holiday so memorable. During the Summer holidays last year we stayed at the TUI Sensimar Marmaris Imperial Hotel in Turkey. It had amazing facilities and one that we enjoyed the most was kayaking. Mark had never kayaked before whereas I have a couple of times during residential trips with work. I loved showing him the ropes and it was such a different way of seeing the area. We ended up going out on the water a few times and it's definitely something we'd do again.

Fireworks in Disneyland, Paris
From recent to the first. Our first holiday abroad together was back in 2011 when we went to Disneyland Paris for Mark's 21st birthday. Clearly we're both big kids! It was the perfect little trip, it was easy to get there and we got the chance to see Paris as well as experience the magic of Disney. One of my favourite memories there was without a doubt the fireworks on the first night. We walked through the park, along Main Street USA in awe of Sleeping Beauty's Castle and found the perfect place to stand and watch the Fantillusion Parade. From there we got ready to move right in front of the castle and watch the fireworks. I just wish I had better photos of it now. 

Here's to our next holiday together which just so happens to be our honeymoon - San Francisco and Mexico. I don't think it'll be long before we're back looking online for more holiday destinations to add to our favourite holiday memories. If you're looking for a good deal to add to your Life's Little Moments then I'd recommend checking out Holiday Gems. You can visit the website here and be one step closer to seeing, exploring and experiencing*.
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