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Another hen related post scheduled for whilst I'm away and I made sure to keep this one top secret until we were away. As I've said so many times my hen weekend has been one big secret and my bridesmaids have done everything to organise our trip. I wanted to bring a little present along to thank all of the girls for coming on my hen weekend and to show them that I appreciate all their effort and for celebrating with me. What better gift than a Hen Weekend Hangover Kit?! At least one hangover is guaranteed and I thought a little Recovery Kit would be the perfect addition to everybody's hand luggage.

I made a Hangover Kit for everybody personalising the name tag and making sure I had one too - I don't want to be struggling either! Each kit is just little but packed full of the essentials to keep us feeling human after some hen party antics. I've thrown in some fun hen party themed goodies too.

The recovery kits are from AliExpress and cost less than 50p a bag. They're good quality and the drawstring pulls in well so nothing falls out. Then for the goodies inside. The most obvious thing to include was some paracetamol. A couple in the morning can be handy for banishing a cocktail-induced sore head. I also included a few plasters to help with any blisters caused by heels or grazes caused by dancing. You just never know! I also included some chewing gum for fresh breath and a few hair bobbles depending on each girls' hair colour. As we're away over the Easter weekend I added in a few little chocolate eggs. They're just from Lidls but passed the taste test.

EBay has some really good hen party accessories and gifts that don't break the bank. I bought everyone a gold temporary tattoo that says Bride Tribe. They came in a bundle of 10 for £6.50 with a free Bride tattoo as well. They are all individually wrapped which made it much more convenient and £6.50 was one of the cheapest prices I came across. I also got everyone a Team Bride Elastic wristband keeping up the gold theme. These came in a bundle of 10 for £8.95 made up of 9 Team Bride and 1 Bride. They're cute as wristbands but double up as hair bobbles. 

I made the labels on PicMonkey. Everyone's name label is different with a cocktail, drink or bottle depending on the recipient. I love how the 'Hangovers are temporary, drunken stories are forever' labels turned out. This is a nice little tag that can be kept in a memory box for years to come. I don't think my girls need any encouragement to drink though!

Now I wonder what drunken stories and photos are unfolding as this post goes live and whether these hangover kits have helped combat anybody's wine flu! 

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