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Do you ever have one of those mornings that you wake up hours before your alarm and feel like you never properly drift back off? I'm zonked by bedtime and fall straight to sleep but was finding myself stuck in that rut of waking up and not having those important last hours. It was frustrating and made me feel less refreshed by the time my lumie light started shining. I put part of the blame on the stresses of being a teacher and my mind going 100 miles a minute but I was determined to crack it and turned to This Works for some help.

This Works has a big sleep product range for all sorts of sleep related woes but the one which seemed to be my best option was This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray. An immediate relief for temporary sleeplessness tackling restlessness and interrupted sleep patterns.

This works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray isn't an overpowering scent, instead it is sprayed onto your pillow and continuously releases over eight hours to help you sleep soundly throughout the night. The fragrance is made up of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile so it's natural and therapeutic but also clinically proven to restore sleep patterns. I spray four or five times across my pillow as I know I'll turn from side to side and instead of waking up on the hour, every hour from 3am I sleep right up until at least 6am, sometimes all the way to 6.40am when my lumie alarm clock starts to kick start. 

It's amazing how much better you can feel when you have uninterrupted sleep. Instead of waking up tired and frustrated I feel ready to tackle my day. The bottle isn't cheap but it seems to be lasting well and when it does the job you don't mind spending the money. This was a gift at Christmas time after having a moan about my interrupted sleep and I'm so glad I popped it onto my Wishlist and my Secret Santa obliged. If you're looking for a quick fix for serious insomnia then this isn't going to be the right avenue for you. If your sleep pattern has taken a knock and you're looking for something natural to help you out then I'd recommend trying Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray. If you have as much success as me it's worth looking into the bigger bottle for value for money.
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