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If you've seen my Favourite Five then you'll know I've been loving Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser but recently I found the Muslin cloths weren't as soft on my skin as they should be and I felt as though I was exfoliating my skin every night just in attempt to remove every last bit of makeup. I have to be careful with my dry, sensitive skin so I wanted to try something different. I changed up the Muslin cloth for a CloudCloth and boy what a difference!

Just like the name suggests the CloudCloth is probably the softest skin care cloths on the market. One side is cloud soft which is amazing for my sensitive skin and also makes cleansing the eye area a bit more gentle. After rinsing the cloth in warm water I use the soft side to remove my makeup then flip the cloth over to gently exfoliate my skin. I don't always use that side but instead rinse my CloudCloth under slightly colder water and press the cloth into my skin for a second cleanse which removes any residue and refreshes my skin. I love being in control of when I buff away dead skin cells - for me everyday is a definite no no.

CloudCloths are good value for a reusable skincare product. You just pop them in the washing machine for a fuss free transformation, ready to be used again. They come in a pack of 3 and are £8, including delivery. Tucked inside the package is a little free hairband to help keep your hair out of your face in the makeup removing process. 

CloudCloth is a British business which uses pure cotton and environmentally friendly packaging. The brand is all about treating your skin while being kind to your purse and the planet. I love their ethos, put your best face forward. It's amazing how much more confident you feel when you look after your skin and don't have to rely on makeup for a healthy glow. My skin is so much more radiant and hydrated when I look after it with Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and CloudCloths.

If you're still using makeup wipes or cotton pads and you're looking for a way to change up your skincare and reduce waste with disposables then I'd highly recommend trying out CloudCloths. The price is affordable for a luxury product and as they're reusable you're saving money in the long run. It's definitely time for #Cloudsmeetface.

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