Bilou Creamy Shower Foam | Pink Melon & Fizzy Berry

When it comes to products in the shower I pick out my shampoos and conditioners meticulously making sure it's right for my hair. I choose face washes and exfoliators making sure they'll work well with my dry, sensitive skin but when it gets to the body washes I'm not fussy. I tend to pick whatever's on offer but never really thought about choosing something that's like a treat - something that I'll enjoy using. Can you tell I'm not really drawn in by Lush? But I feel like that's going to change all thanks to Bilou

I won a bundle of Bilou products at the beginning of the year and until then I hadn't really heard of the 100% Vegan, Derma-tested, sweet scented brand. Their packaging is bright and quite cute and I didn't wait long to put their 'made with love' products to the test. I received two of the Creamy Shower Foams in Pink Melon and Fizzy Berry.

The Pink Melon shower foam smells exactly like the fizzy watermelon sweeties and the Fizzy Berry is like a fruity cocktail with a hint of lemon, it's no wonder the bottles say not for consumption because they smell good enough to eat. The scent sticks about once you've used them too, which is good. I love the texture of these foams, they're so silky and moisturising. A little bit of creamy foam goes a long way and it really bubbles up well. Easy to use and just a bit more fun than a boring old shower gel.

Bilou Creamy Shower foam comes in 200ml bottles and cost £3.99 each, a bit more luxurious than picking up a bottle of shower gel from Poundland but not overpriced considering the quality of the product and ingredients. The Aloe Vera, Almond and Avocado oils are gentle on skin making this a good option if you've got sensitive skin. I definitely want to try Cotton Candy and Tasty Donut now too.

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