Bedroom Update | Refresh for Spring

I am so ready for Spring now. Proper Spring, not one mild Sunny day followed by howling gales and bitterly cold temperatures the next. Packing for heading abroad has definitely had an influence in this readiness so I've started my home Refresh for Spring in time for my return at the beginning of April. 

One of the best ways to update a bedroom is with a new duvet cover and Spring calls for a pop of colour. My favourite place to buy bedding from is Asda and they definitely didn't disappoint. We chose the bright, without being garish, Geometric Yellow and Grey Stripe King Size Duvet Cover. It was only £14 and is such a soft, comforting material. The yellow really brightens up our room and the geometric design is very much gender neutral though my other half doesn't really complain if I go for a floral print. 

Keeping up the grey theme we've got two grey faux fur cushions on the bed with a sequin cushion from Amara on top - mixing the cosiness with a big of glam. On top of that is my Disney Thumper hot water bottle. It's from Primark and I got it for Christmas. Fingers crossed I'll not be needing it to warm up my feet every night sometime soon.

Our bed is a white leather Kingsize Ottoman bed which we got from Amazon for less than £100 in the Black Friday deals. On it we've got a memory foam mattress which is dreamy. Our curtains are blackout curtains from Argos and we've paired them with a blackout blind. This combination is an absolute must for me as the mornings get brighter. I need complete darkness to sleep and as soon as the sun wakes up so do I so these two help me get a little longer in bed. 

Now I'm scheming what other changes I can make. I'm thinking about blinds in our living room and wooden flooring in my dressing room. I've also been looking through the huge choice of curtains I could buy! I also want to knock the wall down between our kitchen and dining room and have a lovely big kitchen but that will remain a big dream for the foreseeable future! 
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