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Superdrug has the most amazing selection of deals and offers, like literally I didn't pay full price for anything and their offers overlap to have some impressive savings. That's probably why my order arrived in a big box as though it was Christmas. I went on the website because I needed a new shampoo but as soon as I reached the homepage I instantly thought of all the other essentials and basics that I could stock up on.

My hair routine involves quite a lot of purple shampoo, thick conditioners and hair product and recently I've been feeling as though I've got a build up of product. My hair is feeling greasy much sooner than it should and I want it to stop. Herbal Essences were better than half price on selected shampoos and conditioners so I took the opportunity to try out some of their detoxing and cleaning shampoos to hopefully sort the situation out. I picked out Golden Raspberry and Mint Detox Clean shampoo and Green Herbs and Mint Detox Quench shampoo. They're both free from silicones and safe for coloured hair so I'm hopeful.

There's never a time when I can't stock up on dry shampoo. Batiste was better than half price for members so it was fate. In fact Batiste Pink Pineapple Dry Shampoo was a Star Buy so cost less than £1.30! It's not a massive bottle so it'll be handy for when I'm travelling and is a nice fruity scent. I also repurchased the Rose Gold Batiste Dry Shampoo

Judging by my Hen Weekend Clues I thought I should probably buy some suncream. It was Buy One Get 2nd Half Price on Selected Suncare and if I don't use it in April I'll be using it on our honeymoon. I'm not picky or loyal when it comes to suncream but I do prefer sprays. I went for Solait SPF 30 Tan Activating spray and Solait SPF 15. I'm being a bit optimistic thinking I'll be able to get a tan...

I'm working my way through a lot of my moisturisers so I was browsing the Superdrug website looking for inspiration. I was drawn in by their Free Bubble Mask when you buy 3 Skincare products along with money off savings like better than half price. I've never used a bubble mask so I wasn't going to say no to trying one for free. The moisturiser I went for was the Nivea 24Hr Moisture Boost Night Cream. It's got all the right buzz words for what I'm looking for and cost just £2.05. Fingers crossed...

I've used up all of my Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask and I would love to use it again but I can't justify the price tag when I've got lots of wedding bills to think about.  Instead I'm going to try out the Superdrug version, the Vitamin E Moisture Mask. It's budget friendly costing less than a coffee from Starbucks at only £2.59! The last thing I bought to bag the bubble mask was the Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel. This was a complete impulse, it was better than half price, was £2.95, and it reminded me of the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. Hopefully it works 

I couldn't go on the Superdrug website and not check if they had Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer back in stock. Since the first time I bought it my potential shades of C2, C3 or C4 have been completely out of stock all of the time. Somehow they had C2 and C4 in stock and I clicked them straight into my basket. Unfortunately between me ordering and my package being sent out C2 went out of stock but I'm happy to try out a slightly darker shade than before. I also fancied buying a new mascara. I think it was down to the hype and excitement of Benefit BADgal Bang mascara but I'm not ready to spend over £20 on a mascara just now so I settled for a high-street brand alternative. A quick check of reviews and I had chosen Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. Fingers crossed it's a winner and at £8.99 it kept over £10 for spending on wedding related things.

I've been struggling with a cold recently that seemed to go on and on. There's so many bugs about and working in a school it's no surprise that I caught something but the second time in a month, I wasn't impressed. My saviour when I'm ill is Night Nurse. I can survive a day at work as long as I've had a good nights sleep and Night Nurse does exactly that. My current supply ran out just as I was starting to feel a bit better, thankfully, so I bought a new bottle of Night Nurse Liquid to be ready and prepared. Another struggle of being ill is the dry, cracked, sore lips. All hydration seems to have disappeared and my lips are really hurting. I've obviously got lots of lip balms but a new lip balm just feels like it works best so I bought a Nivea Hydro Lip Balm for 99p. Hey, it's got SPF so I can take it on my hen party, ha ha. 

I think that's me stocked up for a while, I shouldn't need to buy shampoo or dry shampoo for months. My face should be silky smooth with all my new skincare and fingers crossed having a stash of Night Nurse will fend off anymore potential illnesses. I saved over £15 through all the different offers and got a little bit through TopCashback too. Happy days.
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