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It's not long until Mother's Day but it's still not too late to buy your Mum something special to thank her for being amazing. My Mum is one of my best friends and I turn to her if something exciting is happening as well as if I'm worried about something. I love being able to treat her throughout the year and Mother's Day is one of the best excuses. With that being said, my Mum is actually quite tricky to buy for but the range of Pretty and Personalised Mother's Day Gifts on Etsy is brilliant. There's so much to choose from that can suit all sorts of likes and personalities. 

My Mum absolutely loves flowers and I often buy her a bouquet for her birthday or Mother's Day but I always feel bad because they won't last forever. I'm tempted by the Flower Wooden Letters as a permanent, fake alternative. They look gorgeous and can transform a room. Do I go for an A for Ann or a M for Mum, though? Another homeware gift that caught my eye is the Prosecco O'Clock Wooden Clock. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree that's for sure! This would be nice in her kitchen or her dining room that she's redecorating. Maybe packaged up with a bottle of prosecco and a couple of glasses for a girly night in together. A Personalised Map Cushion would be another nice touch for the dining room sofa.  The message at the bottom says 'Home is Where My Mum is' and you can choose the location for the heart on the map. Moving away from homeware, but staying on the heart theme I like the idea of a Heart Charm Bracelet. They don't have to be expensive but can have so much love and meaning behind them. 

A gift I certainly wouldn't mind receiving myself is a Chocolate Bouquet! There's a difference between receiving a bundle of chocolates and having it packaged like this. My Mum's sweet tooth is pretty similar to mine making sweeties a safe gift. Speaking of safe gifts, you can't go wrong with a candle but a Mum Candle is a little bit more special than just buying a Yankee candle from the supermarket. My Mum loves travelling as much as me and a Money Fund Jar might just be the right gift to push her into planning a big trip sometime soon. New York is a destination that's been mentioned a few times, especially after I got engaged there and have been twice. My Mum and Dad feel like they must see it now too. We got a Pebble Art picture for Christmas and it was one of my favourite gifts. It's such a simple idea but when they're personalised for your family they can have so much more love and meaning behind them. 

So remember when I said my Mum was difficult to buy for? Etsy's just made it so much easier. I won't be struggling in June when it's her birthday. 
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