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One of the first things to be booked when planning your wedding is the venue. Without somewhere to get married you don't really have a wedding, do you? There's so many options whether it's near your home or further afield you don't have to go with the traditional, you need to choose the perfect venue for you as a couple. We had chosen our wedding venue before we were even engaged. We'd been together for 8 years, had been to lots of weddings together and had a really good idea of what we liked (and didn't like) so pretty soon after coming back from New York we were ready to get the ball rolling with the wedding planning. Before we could put pen to paper and pay a deposit we stopped to think about the five essential things to consider when Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue.
My fiancĂ© and I are from the same town and for us it would be mad to even consider anywhere other than here to get married. Other couples we know are from different places and have chosen to get married in a location that isn't a hometown - whether it's a middle ground so that both families have to travel or a city that they met there's so many different potential locations. Obviously you could choose to go abroad as well and then have to pick a country that meets your needs. I knew I would never want to get married abroad because I would look like a lobster compared to my tanned fiancĂ©.

This word comes into so much of wedding planning because lets face it is there any point in getting yourself into big debt for your one big day? If you don't consider your budget then you might just start off your married life stressed and worried about trying to pay it all back. Once you've chosen a location check out the different packages available from different venues. You might quickly cross some off from your list. Pricing can cover everything from venue hire through to catering and drinks packages. Some venues charge extra for decorations and others include everything in the price. Time to get a spreadsheet ready!

Number of Guests
Picking a wedding guest list is a headache by itself but to be able to choose your wedding venue you need to have an idea of numbers. There's no point choosing a venue that only fits 20 guests to your ceremony if you want 100 people there on the day. Guests soon add up so think about your bridal party and create a draft list to help you narrow down your venue options. For us choosing a marquee we needed to know the numbers to get an idea of sizes and as a result know prices - it all links together. 

What sort of vibe are you going for when it comes to your wedding theme? The location can either tie into that or cause a bit of a problem. When I've spoken to a few suppliers and tell them we're getting married in a marquee connected to our village hall they instantly ask if we're having a rustic, shabby chic theme. In actual fact it's the complete opposite and that's the magic of a marquee, it can be completely personalised for you. Don't get me wrong if I could have my glitz and glam theme in a fairytale castle then I would love it but that's when theme and location just don't match up for me. If you want to see the Bijou wedding venues that I was eyeing up in England then click here - these luxury country homes tick all the boxes. There's so many barns, hotels, castles and halls out there you really can have exactly what you want. 

Your Date
When we started planning our wedding we chose our date first before considering our venue. As a teacher I was restricted by school holidays and because I was adamant we were going to go on our honeymoon straight after the wedding narrowing down our date was easy. Then I had to check the date for even numbers and an element of symmetry - anyone else a bit strange with numbers? Luckily for us our venue was available for our chosen date but it doesn't always go according to plan. You might have to decide if your date or chosen venue is more important. If your choice of venue is booked up you might have to change your date or head back to the drawing board...

Planning your wedding can be a bit stressful but relax and enjoy it!

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