Fitbit Charge 2 Review

I've been a lover of Fibit since January 2016, starting off with the Fitbit Charge HR as a copycat move after my boyfriend got it in 2015. I wore it religiously every day, taking part in countless challenges and really boosting my steps. Fitbits don't last forever, though their customer service was impeccable and my Fitbit Charge HR was replaced twice. By the third time in September 2017 I was offered 50% off a new model instead of another replacement  and I snapped up the opportunity to buy a Fitbit Charge 2 in Lavender and Rose Gold for half price.

The special edition rose gold Fitbit costs £20 more than the standard Stainless Steel version but I have to say it looks so good that it's worth it. The differences between the original Charge HR and the Charge 2 include the larger display, mobile phone notifications, longer battery life and interchangeable straps whilst keeping lots of the best Charge HR features.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a wrist based heart rate monitor with continuous, simplified readings which is totally hassle free. It tracks steps, heart rate, distance travelled, active minutes, floors climbed and hourly activity all day, every day. For me that's motivation to get moving. I aim to get 10,000 steps every day but also know if I'm going to workout I can see exactly how hard I was working. It automatically tracks sports like running, biking and weights showing post-workout summaries both on the screen and in the app.

The Fitbit Charge 2 connects via bluetooth to your phone and the Fitbit app. It's so easy to use syncing wirelessly all your stats including number of steps and amount of sleep. The Fitbit Charge 2 has more details about sleep stages (light, deep and REM) which can reveal a lot about quality of sleep and tracks it automatically. Similar to the previous Charge Fitbit you can set a silent alarm to wake you up in the morning with a little buzz. I much prefer my Lumie Light Alarm Clock though. The app also has little motivators in the shape of step goal challenges and badges. I'm a big fan of the Workweek Challenge and competing with my friends always makes me determined and competitive.

Some of the features that I don't use to the fullest include the connected GPS which can record a map of your route, pace and distance. If I manage to get into running then this will be a winner. The Fitbit Charge 2 also offers Guided Breathing. Based on your heart rate you can achieve moments of calm with a personalised breathing session. This would be good if you suffer from anxiety or stress.

Three of my favourite things about the upgrade is the changeable straps, notifications and longer battery life. I've already swapped my lavender strap to a rose gold strap after getting it for my birthday. It's transformed it into a stylish looking watch (no offence plastic purple strap). You can get leather ones too which I'm tempted by, just to switch things up. 

The larger display makes it a lot easier to keep track of your stats, with a little reminder to move if you've been inactive across the hour. You can also see text messages, who is phoning and calendar events on your wrist when your phone is nearby. For me this is brilliant in the classroom, I can read a text message in the middle of a lesson and know if it's something urgent. One step closer to being a smart watch.

I'm never without my Fitbit so a longer battery life is fantastic. I charge my Fitbit up when I'm in the shower and have never had it completely run out of battery - unlike my Fitbit Charge HR which I often saw the flashing battery screen.

I think you can tell that I love my Fitbit Charge 2. I would highly recommend one to anyone whose looking for a bit of motivation to move and exercise more. It can either replace your watch or be a fitness tracker in its own rights. How's that New Years Resolution getting on? Could Fitbit help you out?
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