Favourite Perfume of 2017 | Mugler Alien

I've never really had a signature scent. I used to switch between a few different perfumes but I was really keen to find the right one for me. The fragrance that I would buy over and over again and never tire of. The one that family and friends would smell and know it was mine. And in 2017 I found it - Mugler Alien. I kick started my obsession with an Alien gift set in the January sales, I knew what it smelt like because I'd tried it so many times but was always put off by the price. Since January I've realised it's worth it. 

Mugler Alien is the richest perfume I've ever worn and quite different from my usual floral, sweet, vanilla scents. The fragrance notes are Jasmine Sambac, Cashmeran Wood and White Amber. So in more simple terms it's a mix of wood and sweet scents. It's quite mysterious and rich, a little masculine, it really is like no other fragrance. It is a really strong scent and one that lasts. Quite often you can't smell your own perfume but that's never been the case for Alien. I make sure to spray it on jackets and scarfs for it to really stick around but even on the skin you can smell it hours and hours later.

Alien by Mugler comes in a deep purple bottle that looks like a precious stone. It's a really interesting and expensive looking bottle, I love the colours. My big bottle is a 60ml non refillable talisman, which is also available in 30ml and 90ml. My smaller bottle is a refillable bottle which is amazing for a slightly more affordable replacement option.

Now that I've got my scent I know it will likely always be on my  present wishlists and always be the first perfume I look for in the sales (hence why I've already bought an Alien gift set in the Boxing Day sales even though I just got the 60ml bottle in November for my birthday). The things you'll do for your favourite perfume!
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