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Rabbit Mug £4, Wooden Heart Chopping Board £6, Makeup Bag £4
My visit to Matalan has been a long time coming. I've had my eye on a few things from their website and finally got the chance to check them out in store before their Mother's Day and Easter range were discontinued. Though the makeup bag is meant for Mother's Day I've got a friend who is very much a Rosé lover so it's perfect for adding into their birthday present. The rabbit mug from the Easter collection will be a much loved addition to our kitchen all year round with us being rabbit parents. The wooden chopping board is fantastic quality for only £6 and it's a welcomed update to our current scabby looking plastic boards.

New Look
Glitter Clutch Bag £15.99
A nude clutch is a staple in my night out wardrobe and I needed an update. I looked in most of the High Street shops for one that wasn't too big, wasn't too small, was the right mix of pink and cream and New Look came up trumps. Rose gold is my absolute favourite and I've always been a bit of a magpie so it's a little wonder I grabbed this clutch and practically ran to the till.

Lace Bardot Scallop Dress £36.99
I've got 2 weddings to attend this Summer and I didn't want finding outfits to be a stress. I saw this dress in Quiz in February and admired it but didn't bother trying it on. I've looked at it on the website a couple of times since and had to try it on second time round. I took a few pictures in the changing rooms and after the thumbs up from my fiancé, besties and on Instagram I went back and got it. The best bit was buying a size down and feeling great in a bodycon dress.

Pasta n Sauce 50p, Home Quote Candle £2.99, Crunchies £1.99, Galaxy Ripple £1.99, Milky Way Rolls £1
B&M is a Slimming World member's syn tin saviour. If you're on the lookout for multipacks of sweeties to stock up your stash then you can't go wrong with this little bargain shop. Pasta 'n' Sauce packets are handy if you've not got time to cook a big SW recipe so they're great to have in the cupboard. I tend to eat these when my partner is working late because I can never be bothered cooking for just one. I'm also guilty of not being able to go into B&M without leaving with at least one piece of homeware, mostly candles. This vanilla one smells fab.

Outfits of the Week: Pinafore, Bodycon & Floral Prints

Pinafore: Primark
Long Sleeve Tshirt: Primark
Blazer: New Look
Vest Top: New Look
Jeans: Primark
Dress: New Look
Boots: New Look 

Blouse: George @ Asda
Jeans: Primark
Long Sleeve Tshirt: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Scarf: Primark
Watch: Michael Kors

VIP by Vicky at

Spring is finally upon us and I'm so ready for the brighter colours and floral prints. The dress I'm most excited for comes from the VIP collection by Vicky Pattison at This one shoulder, midi dress with yellow, pinks and grey floral print is perfect for a Spring wedding or a day at the races. The double layer of material felt very flattering, no worrying about lumps and bumps being on show. The dress is really thick and good quality material making it feel really very much VIP. I ordered a size 10 and it's very generous sized and with it being stretchy material I would recommend going for a size down. Honeyz has hassle free returns so if you're worried, why not ordered a couple of sizes just to be safe?
The one shoulder design is sure to get compliments and it's a really comfortable strap that looks great with your hair to one side or a fancy up-do. There's so many gorgeous colours in the floral print it's easy to match with accessories. I've gone for a pair of nude heels by Dune and a nude clutch from Accessorize. A long khaki or camel coat on top would be perfect to keep warm or a little pink leather or biker jacket would add a bit of sass to a very girly outfit.

With so many items in the VIP collection going into the sale and new arrivals the whole time I think I might have found myself a new favourite clothing site. I've got 2 weddings to attend this Summer and a few Hen plans on the lead up to it so loads of excuses for something new, fancy or fun! For 10% off on use the code BLOGGER10 and check them out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Palmer's Natural Bronze Body Lotion

There's no denying that brighter mornings, milder weather and longer days are making me get in the mood for Spring and Summer. I'm wearing more florals and leaving my big winter jackets behind. I wanted a bit of a glow on my skin for wearing short sleeve tops and to disguise my white-blue legs. I've got a few fake tans stashed in my dressing room but I didn't want a harsh, hard to maintain colour, I wanted a gradual tan that wouldn't take up too much of my time and also wouldn't dry out my skin. Palmer's is a skincare brand that I've used for over 10 years so when their gradual tanning moisturiser was on offer in Superdrug and I had high hopes that my Spring wish would be granted.

The first time I used it I was a little slap dash thinking that it would be like most other gradual fake tan lotions and that there wouldn't be much colour pay off until at least the 2nd or 3rd application. Boy, was I wrong. I went from very pale to quite a dark, golden, glow over night. This would have been amazing had I washed my hands properly after applying it and spent a bit longer focusing on getting an even application. I quickly learnt from my lesson and dug out a fake tan mitt. Since then I've been applying this moisturising lotion 2-3 times a week, before bed. The pump packaging keeps the mess to a minimum and means application can be quite quick, no standing about getting chilly!

Fake tans and gradual lotions are well known for their questionable, biscuity smell. Palmer's cocoa butter products have quite a nice scent and even my other half commented that I don't smell too much like a digestive biscuit. In the bottle you can still get the fake tan whiff but on my skin you don't notice it. Another bonus about this lotion is the moisturising power of Palmer's. My skin has been feeling lovely and soft. Overall, it's a good value lotion that's given me a glow, a bit of confidence and lots of lovely compliments. Definitely worth £5.59 and even more the £3.69 whilst on offer.

Spring New Look Haul

This haul started off as one top, in store. I wanted a new, fresh white blouse style top but couldn't be bothered standing in the queue in the shop when we were hungry and ready to head to Nandos. I put it back on the rail and muttered I'll just get it online. You can't just order one top though, can you!? I had Mark's student discount to get 10% off and a gap in my wardrobe for lots of Spring additions. There was also a few sale purchases in there too. It's nice to be a size down and sure it's going to fit! Thank you Slimming World.

Outfits of the Week: Blazers, Jeans & A-Line Skirts

 Blazer: New Look
Black Top: Primark
White Long Sleeve Tee: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Boots: New Look
Scarf: Primark

Blazer: Quiz
Tshirt: Primark
Long Sleeve Tee: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Boots: New Look

There’s More to St Lucia than Sun and Sea

With the wedding planning well under way it's time to start thinking about honeymoon destinations.  St Lucia has always been known for its picture-perfect beaches, perfect tropical climate and luxury resorts, but there is plenty of adventure to be had on the island too. Volcanoes, rainforests and underwater reefs, you can find them all at St Lucia.
I'd love for our honeymoon to have the right mix of relaxation and adventure and these are some of the top things to get up to on the island.

Be an Adventure Seeker
From cycle tours through thick jungle teeming with life to Segway rides over popular hiking trails and volcanic rock hikes, there are so many companies offering unique experiences in St Lucia, that you should make an effort to do at least one of them. There’ll be plenty of time for working on your tan on one of the pristine beaches when you’re done exploring.
Plants and Animals
Pay a visit to the Babonneau Rainforest, and you will be rewarded with glimpses of beautiful birds, cheeky monkeys, lounging lizards and all manner of exotic plants and wildlife you’d never get to see back home.
Go Scuba Diving
Scuba diving or snorkeling is something you simply have to do when you’re in the Caribbean. St Lucia’s seas are teeming with the most impressive marine life, from sea turtles to puffer fish and unspoiled coral reefs. If you don’t take the opportunity to see them while you’re there, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Get Wild on the Water
Of course, you don’t have to go underwater to get your kicks in St Lucia – there’s plenty of fun to be had above water too. Lots of companies in the area offer exciting activities like kitesurfing, water-skiing, and sailing, which are great fun for the whole family.

Go Up in the Air
St Lucia is crammed with amazing locations, beautiful landscapes, and impressive architecture and if you want to see it all, there’s only one thing to do – hire your own helicopter for a whirlwind ride through those beautiful blue Caribbean skies.

Sample the Culinary Delights
St Lucia’s food has a distinctly Creole flavor that is both sweet, spicy and ever so slightly charred. When you eat it fresh from the island, you will be blown away by the complexity of flavors that come from what seem like fairly simple dishes. If you visit the island in October, you’ll be able to take part in the St Lucia Food and Rum Festival, where jerk chicken spiced rum and curried lamb are the order of the day.

Go Loco for Coco
If you’re a chocolate lover, you simply must make time to visit the Rabot Cocoa Estate, where you can find out about the history of cocoa production in the region, wander through the cocoa groves and event try your hand at making your own chocolate. You’ll get to sample the wares too, naturally.

Jiggle to Some Jazz
There are lots of great jazz venues in St Lucia, and it would be remiss of you not to pay a visit to one of two and get your dance on before you come home. You’ll have a great time getting down with the fun-loving locals, especially at carnival time!

NYX Lingerie Bedtime Flirt Liquid Lipstick Review

Liquid lipstick must have become one of the most talked about beauty products last year. Even the 11 year old girls in my class were trying to get their hands on Kylie lip kits. For me the brand to look out for was NYX. The quality and price was too good to ignore. It wasn't long until I was wanting more and the Lip Lingerie range were on my radar.

The Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks are a range of nude shades from cinnamon pink, to classic nude beige and every nude in-between. Each weightless lipstick has a creamy colour with matte finish and is packaged like a lipgloss. The hardest part was choosing a shade. Somehow I settled on Bedtime Flirt and have been hooked ever since.

Like I said, these liquid lipsticks are packaged like a lip gloss and so have the doe foot applicator. Personally I find these quite easy to use but I wouldn't recommend trying to apply this without a mirror. The formulae is quite mousse like when you apply it and it takes a few seconds for it to dry and turn matte. With that there can be a slight change of colour but it doesn't take long to have your finished look that will stay put for hours. 

Like the other NYX liquid lipsticks that I've tried these are pretty long lasting. I've worn this during a night out of drinking and eating and only had to touch up towards the end of the night. If you were to wear this without eating or drinking much you're sure to be still wearing this hours later. Great for a day out with the girls but holds its own if it turns into a big night out! I also like that your lipstick doesn't transfer too much onto the glass, this definitely helps it stay put. 

Matte lipsticks can be drying and also highlight every little dry bit on your lips. Because of the moussey formula I didn't find the Lip Lingerie lipstick to be at all drying. You do have to be careful to keep your lips healthy before applying though - exfoliate and a bit of lip balm can help out big time. There's nothing good about dry, cracked lips and adding a bit of colour on top isn't going to disguise it!

Are you part of the liquid lipstick fan club? What  NYX Lingerie shade do I need to try next?

Wedding Wednesday: Guest Book Alternatives

The traditional wedding guest book is a lovely way to treasure messages from your wedding guests on your big day but there's a few things I don't like about them. It's the sort of thing that gets tucked away and never looked at after the wedding, when guests start to get a little bit tipsy and write something long/messy/inappropriate and lastly not everyone writes in it because hopefully they're having too good a time on the dance floor! We quickly decided that the traditional guestbook therefore wasn't for us and I've spent a lot of time looking at the alternatives. Some mean your guests can't write much, but lets hope they've put their well wishes in a card. Some of them are much better for putting on display after the big day. Some are a bit of fun that hopefully guests will take a moment to get involved.

Now it's time to narrow it down to just one!

February Favourites

This month I haven't touched mascara and have completely fallen in love with my DIY, at home eyelash extensions. I've had eyelash extensions done in a salon 3 times, all before going on holidays. For some reason in January I really got thinking about the convenience and look of the lashes but couldn't part with the cash to get them done. Instead I bought Couture Lashes loose group lashes and glue and took the step to doing them myself. I was a bit hesitant and fully prepared for it to be a bit of a failure. I can't believe the results- I'm hooked. Over the month I've done 2 infills making which have been quick and easy. I wish I'd tried it sooner!
Since mentioning this concealer in my September Favourites last year I could quite easily have had it in every favourites post since then. I use it everyday that I put on makeup and recently I've been skipping out the foundation and just relying on this brightening, creamy concealer to make me look a bit more awake and concealed. It can be a bit tricky to get a hold of this in Boots or Superdrug but it's worth stocking up when you do catch it in stock.

This perfume was a Christmas sale purchase and has been my weekend/special occasions scent ever since. It's guaranteed to get compliments and it's one of those perfumes that you can still smell yourself, you don't end up immune! I love it.

I've been running 3 times a week every week in February and my Fitbit has been key in keeping me motivated. It's good to keep track of the time and effort put in as well as how many calories burnt. I've also been using the Fitbit app to help me drink more water. It's funny how a little watch and app can contribute so much to a weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Also, Fitbit's customer service is second to none. I used to have a black one but it stopped working and within a week, and after a couple of emails, I had a shiny new purple one through my door.
If you've read my Slimming World posts you'll know I'm on mission Shredding for the Wedding but I'm the type of person who needs a little treat to keep me on the straight and narrow. So I've been exploring the world of low syn snacks and I've developed a bit of an obsession with Crunchies. Whether it's funsize ones, medium multi-pack ones or a great big 32g one they satisfy my sweet tooth and are worth every syn. 

Riverdale on Netflix 
My new Netflix discovery this month is the TV series Riverdale. It's an American, Teen drama that's been compared to Pretty Little Liars and has me hooked. With weekly episodes you binge to get caught up but then it's the painful wait for a new episode each Friday. It's quite an easy watch with the frequent twists that keeps you on your toes.

Slimming World - Month 2

My second month of Slimming World is over and I'm still feeling happy, inspired and motivated. This month I've hosted a SW dinner party, had many Non-Scale Victories and have continued enjoying running as a bit of cardio throughout the weeks. I've tried quite a few new recipes and best of all I've been trying lots of different low syn snacks. Also this month I ate out 3 Saturdays out of 4 (baring in mind my weigh in day is Sunday!). I had a girls night out, which included Prosecco and Valentine's dinner, which included sharing cheesecake. With that I've lost 5lbs this month, meaning I've hit my 1 stone award and carried on losing!! 
Quaker Oats porridge with Walden Farms caramel sauce and fruit
Baked Oats with fruit, quark and Walden Farms chocolate sauce
Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast and speedy side
Fruit, yogurt and Rocky Road Hifi bar

Smoked Salmon Salad (out for dinner)
Chicken curry and vegetables
Cheesy cajun pasta
Pitta pizza and salad

Steak, peppercorn sauce, chips and asparagus
Bachelors Pasta n Sauce with speedy veg
KFC style chicken, oxo roast potatoes and salad
BBQ, Cheese and Bacon stuffed burgers with chips and salad

Pulled Pork, sweet potato chips and veg
Fish and chips with veg and cheese
Burrito bowl with quark/fromage frais
Nandos- butterfly chicken, corn on cob and spicy rice

Muller Light (free) and raspberries
Freddo (5 syns), 4 Mikados (0.5 syns each) and grapes/raspberries
Toffee Muller Light, banana and mikado
1 syn red velvet style cupcakes with quark icing