What I Got For Christmas 2017

It wouldn't be Christmas without a What I Got For Christmas post on my blog. I love seeing what others received, wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree. Just the same as I love watching my friends and family opening up their presents. I'm sharing what I got, just as I did last year, back in 2013 and 2014 and at my birthday. This style of post can be good inspiration for other gift buying throughout the year and I quite like having them to look back on to remember every little detail. So without anymore justification here is What I Got For Christmas in 2017, my last before becoming Mr and Mrs.

Like the past few years my Christmas is made up of lots of Secret Santas. We have a Secret Santa draw within my family, then my fiancé's. I'm part of a Secret Santa with my best friends then also through work. I also received some gifts from other family members and the pupils in my class. My fiancé and I had a budget of £30 and instead booked a few nights in Edinburgh for the start of January, where we hope to buy our wedding rings. My parents also gave us money which we'll be putting straight to the wedding fund - honeymoon perhaps? With all my gifts gathered together in one photo I can't quite believe how much I was given and I don't think the photo does the amount of chocolates and drink justice! 

How absolutely adorable is this present? This was probably the biggest surprise of all my Christmas gifts mostly because it's personalised but because it includes our bunny rabbit! I've seen pebble art in a few different places but never really thought what I would have myself and this is perfect. This was from my fiancé's parents and I can't wait to put it up in our living room, it's sure to be a talking point. Our lovely little family.

I've never heard of Penelope Tom before but if this beautiful silver initial and heart charm bracelet is anything to go by it's a brand I'll be looking at more often. This is a gorgeous gift and to make it even more special it was from my Dad in the Secret Santa. Now I'm left wondering whether he picked it or if my Mum did. Either way I love it and it's pride of place on my wrist already.

How stunning is this makeup palette? I was very lucky that my sister-in-law to be went to Las Vegas after our Secret Santa Name Draw and did some shopping in Sephora for me. The Snow Glow palette has 2 blush/bronzers and 4 highlighters. This is going to be so fun to play with. The packaging is also beautiful. Steph had also had a little look at my birthday wishlist and bought me the Woodwick Sea Salt Caramel candle and oh my goodness does it smell amazing. 

Another rabbit themed present that put a huge smile on my face. I left a little message to my Secret Santa to let them know that I would like a new hot water bottle and I couldn't have found a better one myself - it's too cute! Along with this cuddly Thumper hot water bottle I also got some This Works Sleep Plus Spray. I'm looking forward to having some perfect nights sleep.
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