Top Tips for DIY Wedding Invites

As soon as we started planning our wedding I was 100% sure that I was going to make our invites myself. Since I was little I've loved everything crafty and there was no way I was going to pay someone else to make something that I could do myself. Wedding invites are expensive and DIY invites can save you lots of money but they don't come easily! Thankfully mine have gone without a hitch so far so I've put together my Top Tips for DIY Wedding Invites. 

Give Yourself Plenty of Time
There's a lot of work involved and you don't want to be stressing out at the last minute trying to stick things down and post them out. Consider when you've got time to make things and also think about when you want RSVPs back. Traditionally wedding invites are sent out six to eight weeks before the big day. There's no hard and fast rule on that and if you've not sent Save the Dates and you want RSVPs back a few weeks before the wedding (giving you time to think about seating plans) then you'll want to have your invitations ready around 3 or 4 months before the wedding. For me the school holidays were the best time for me to make our invitations. I have plenty of time to dedicate to printing and assembling when I don't have work to think about. The Easter holidays wouldn't give me enough time, the Christmas holidays are hectic so I dedicated days of my October holidays to invitations. That's nearly 9 months before our wedding date. And boy was it worth it! To know I've got the majority of it done is a huge weight off my shoulders. My ideas didn't just start then...

Sort Out All Of Your Ideas
Wedding invitations can come in so many different shapes and sizes, then there's the colours, the fonts, the decorations - the list is endless! Some of the best places to start is  Pinterest and Confetti Website. Gather together pictures of all the different styles that you like, whether that's pocketfold styles or laser cut designs. I soon decided that I wanted a pocketfold invite that has little RSVP and Menu cards tucked into the pocket. To start with I liked a long and narrow design but that didn't last too long. I changed my mind from originally wanting ribbon and glitter to opting for gold leaf and gems as well. Taking into consideration your colour scheme and the general theme or vibe of your wedding you'll soon have a bank of elements that can go into your final design.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment 
You won't know exactly how things will look unless you try them out so once you've narrowed down exactly what you need to include start trying things out. Use websites that offer valentines clipart to give yourself a variety of png images. I can't keep track of how many different fonts I've tried out. You don't know how they look until you've typed out the exact words that you want. I've had a few different prototypes that I've shared with my Mum and Bridesmaids before going anywhere near the proper card. You can order samples of pretty much everything so don't bulk buy until you're sure. If you're not too good at graphics on the computer then there's tons of stamps to choose from on the Confetti website which can save a lot of hassle.

Collect All Of The Materials
There's nothing worse than being half way through your invites and running out of essentials. You might not be able to get more quickly, how much time is going to be wasted waiting for some more gems to be delivered? Or what if you can't remember what thickness of card you used? As soon as your final design is chosen find out exactly how many invitations you need to make and add on 10! Make sure you've bought enough card, envelopes, glue, doubled sided tape, ribbons and ink for every last wedding invitation. It's better to be over prepared...

Remember, you don't have to do it on your own! Once you know what you want and have the supplies to do it you only need to ask your bridesmaids and they're bound to be able to help out somehow. If not, I'm sure a bribe of wine and sweeties will convince them otherwise. Would you believe I've loved every minute that my bridesmaids haven't had a look in yet?

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