Primark Haul December 2017

It didn't take me long to get back to Primark after going in November. I went for one reason, not to do Christmas present shopping or stock up on basics; I went to find the Disney Christmas jumper. I'm so glad I managed to find it after seeing it all over Instagram. I also returned my scuffed knee high boots and bought a pair that didn't look so worse for wear. I didn't take a picture of them again so if you want to see the over the knee boots that Primark has for £22 then check out my November haul. Naturally I didn't leave with just two things, so I've got another Primark Haul to share packed full of Disney, tan coloured clothes and random beauty products.

Disney Christmas Jumper £14
Here it is, the jumper in all it's glory. This is going to be perfect for wearing to work in the run up to Christmas because it's not too over the top Christmas and it's not too big and fluffy. It's a lovely soft material, not itchy at all, and I'll not be sweating wearing it after a few hours. I'm an 8-10 but bought it in a small which is a 6-8 because it's all they had left and it's actually perfect so they must be made a little big. 

Tan Shearling Gilet £18
This gorgeous winter warmer featured on my Primark Wishlist and I've been thinking about outfits to wear it with ever since. It's so different from anything else in my wardrobe but it seems like a really versatile piece. A little bit pricier for Primark but it's really good quality and a lot cheaper than other high street shops. I think my first outfit with this will be a blouse, jeans and boots then onto a long sleeve swing dress. 

Tan A-Line Skirt £8 
Not long before going to Primark I bought a tan suede-style a-line skirt from New Look for £19.99. I love this style of skirt and I didn't have one this colour so didn't think too much about the price. I couldn't believe how identical this one from Primark was and for over £10 less! I snapped it up and will be returning the other one to New Look pronto. I'll be wearing this with tights and boots for all sorts of occasions.

Aladdin Long Sleeve Pyjama Set £11
How many pairs of Disney pyjamas does one girl need? I feel like I can justify buying this Aladdin set because it's got long sleeves instead of being a tshirt or vest top and it's winter time so the cosiness is necessary. I love tartan pyjama trousers too so the decision to buy this set was really easy.

Mickey Mouse Tea Towels £5
Snowflake LED Lights £6
Another Disney purchase but this time a grown up one - tea towels. They had Mickey ones or Minnie ones and I chose Mickey Mouse because they were black and white and would go in our grey kitchen better than the red. These would make a nice little addition if you're making someone a Christmas hamper, you always need tea towels! 

I mentioned in my last Primark wishlist that I wanted some Christmas fairy lights but I was disappointed by the reindeer ones that I'd actually included in my post. Instead I went for some snowflake ones because they'll fit in with my white and silver, winter wonderland theme. Now I've just got to decide where to put them.

 Charcoal Toothpaste £2
Holler and Glow Sheet Mask £3
PS Love Silicone Makeup Sponges £1
Charcoal is meant to be great for whitening your teeth but it's a nightmare for making a mess if you use the powder like the Diamond Whites Charcoal so for £2 I thought I'd try out a tube of charcoal toothpaste. Fingers crossed it works as well as the Diamond White powder without making a bit black mess.

£3 seemed a lot for a sheet mask from Primark, considering you can get high-end brand ones for one or two pound more. Nonetheless I couldn't resist the holographic design on the Holler and Glow mask for hydrating skin.  Looks like a bit of fun while helping my skin out in the winter months. Worth it just for an Instagram photo?

My last purchase was in the sale reduced by a whole pound, what a bargain! A few months ago silicone makeup sponges were doing the rounds and I was intrigued but didn't bother doing anything about it. Now it's my turn to see what all the hype was about. £1 isn't much to lose if they're pants.
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