One Year of Slimming World

Like a lot of people in January I decided to make some changes and try and lose some weight. I was thinking about wedding dress shopping in July and knew I wouldn't be happy trying on dresses the way I was at the end of December 2016. I wasn't actually big, I prefer to describe it as fluffy, in fact when I told some people at work that I was doing Slimming World they said 'you don't need to be doing Slimming World' but actually it was the best decision I made.

I couldn't believe how easy it was to follow Slimming World. I quickly took on board the rules of Healthy Extra A's and B's, I sussed out the syns in lots of different sweet treats and made changes that I'll never look back on. I wrote down everything I ate religiously, this was amazing for helping me keep track of the syn values and really learn how to do Slimming World properly.  At the beginning my fiancĂ© was very sceptical. He had a lot of learning to do to and it wasn't long before he realised he was having Slimming World meals every day and enjoying every last bite. Unfortunately he's not quite so keen on vegetables so sometimes getting my third speed food on my plate was a bit tricky but I soon made sure I had a microwaveable bag of frozen veg on hand for adding on the side.

I took a lot of photos too, sharing them on Instagram and writing monthly blog posts. This kept me accountable but also helped me remember some of the amazing recipes that I've tried. From my first month when I lost 10lbs and saw some of the biggest changes in my body, onto the second and third where I'd passed the 1 stone loss and headed towards a stone and a half. Month 4 was a bit of a hurdle with my first trip away since starting SW but I didn't stop. By month 5 and 6 I hit a stone and a half and managed to continue. Inevitably the weight loss had slowed down, like it does for most people but I was happy to still be chipping off 0.5lb or 1lb at a time. I weighed in every Saturday morning  and kept a track of the losses and the few gains. July was a very off plan month when I headed off on an all inclusive holiday and went to 2 weddings but by August and September I proved to myself that I really can get back on plan.

My favourite recipes that I've shared with friends and family galore include Salt and Chilli Chicken, Heinz style tomato soup and pimped mac and cheeseI totally recommend a Pinch of Nom and Two Chubby Cubs for recipes and ideas. Checking out the Slimming World hashtags on Instagram is another good way of getting ideas and finding out syns and obviously the Slimming World website has a mountain of recipes.

Across the 12 months of 2017 I've lost 2 stone, reaching my lowest weight and lowest clothes sizes since I was in High School. I feel so much better in myself and I'm a much healthier BMI. I'm looking forward to continuing Slimming World in 2018 to lose a little bit more to reach my target, especially through my away hen weekend and wedding!

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