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Wonderland Makeup is a high-end, cruelty free makeup brand with affordable prices, made in the UK. Does that sound a little too good to be true? Their website has everything from face makeup, eye products, lip cosmetics and nail polishes galore. I've been trying out three of their products, the Studio Finish Primer, Natural Eyeshadow and Pinkness Blush, for the last few weeks and each product is less than £20 so affordable prices can be ticked off for starters. I'm not as clued up on cruelty free brands as I'd like to be but it's great to see a British brands taking pride in an issue with such importance in the beauty industry. The real test for me was to see how Wonderland Cosmetics compared to other high-end brands, from the pigmentation, longevity and packaging. 

My first impression of the Wonderland Studio Finish Primer was that it looked exactly like the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I was quickly convinced that it wasn't just the packaging that looked similar and in fact the primer inside is a near perfect dupe with an £11 price difference, amazing news for my purse! It only takes a small drop of Studio Finish Primer to create a lovely base ready for my foundation. It takes just a couple of minutes for it to sink in and feel velvety smooth. It's a very lightweight primer; I never feel like my skin is suffocating and my sensitive skin isn't aggravated by it at all. It's oil-free too which is good for avoiding breakouts on my dry/dehydrated skin, but also good news for all you combination/oily skinned ladies. 

Usually I wear a primer underneath my foundation for a night out or special occasion, rather than just my day-to-day face but I've found myself reaching for this every single day. My makeup, though not much more than concealer, a drop of foundation and bronzer on a daily basis, has been staying put much longer. After a stressful day at work and the inevitable touching of my face far too many times it's not unusual for my makeup to be slipping by lunchtime. With the tiniest drop of Wonderland Studio Finish Primer I can look a little more fresh faced and put together right through the day.  It's also a good one if you're worried about fine lines being on show.

Wonderland Eyeshadow Natural £7.50
Wonderland has 30 different eyeshadow shades ranging from the bright and bold to the neutral, everyday shades. I've been putting Natural to the test which is perfect because adventurous for me tends to consist of a dark smokey eye rather than experimenting with colour. Natural is a light beige shade with a satin almost matte finish. I was a little bit surprised by how much fall out there was when I dipped my brush into the pot. It got a little bit messy and I was worried that it would end up with no colour pay off and just a crumbly mess but thankfully that wasn't the case. The eyeshadow applied well with both brushes and my fingers, I prefer to use brushes though. It stayed put without creasing and blended really well. The shade Natural is quite brightening making it quite versatile as a highlight colour.

The packaging is quite similar to MAC individual eyeshadows (just with white instead of black plastic) and there's exactly the same amount of product in the eyeshadow pan at 1.5g per eyeshadow. Wonderland Eyeshadows are on the more affordable end of the scale with a £6 cheaper price tag than MAC which is good if you're hoping to gather together a fair collection of shades.

Wonderland The Pinkness Blush £10
I'm not a huge blush fan but when there's 20 different shades you're bound to find something that's going to suit your skin tone and I'm growing to like a little bit of colour in my cheeks. The Pinkness is perfectly named as a gorgeous pink blush that adds a bit of a glow without looking unnatural on my fair skin. I really like that The Pinkness is a satin finish too, it suits my dry/dehydrated skin best. There's a few matte colours which might suit oily skin more, like Popping Pink and there's shimmer finish blushes too for a bit more of a statement like Not So Subtle. 

I'm so impressed by the excellent colour pay off of the blush, it's really highly pigmented. I have to stop myself from being so heavy handed with my blush brush or else I end up looking a little doll (or clown!). I'm definitely getting used to tapping off excess too. The packaging is similar to the powder blushes from MAC but this time instead of 6g like the £19.50 blushes you get 7g for only £10. Wonderland Cosmetics are definitely winning on the affordable prices. 
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