Primark Haul November 2017

I had a bit of a retail therapy day on Saturday and my first port of call, as always, was Primark. I'd made a wishlist and a mental note of some of the new in items ready to shop. I parted ways with my other half as soon as we entered the shop and I took my time wandering up and down and trying some stuff on. I wasn't overly impressed by the selection in the store and ended up leaving without much from my list, but I still spent my Topcashback voucher and some more. 
Super High Waist Skinny Jeans £9 
I'll start of with my favourite thing from Primark that I buy nearly every time I go into a store and the jeans that I wear nearly every day of the week - the Super High Waist Skinny jeans in 30". They fit like a glove, are the perfect length for my short little legs and are only £9 a pair! Like any pair of black jeans the colour fades after a while but considering I can get 4 pairs for less than the price of one from River Island or Top Shop I'm really not fussed. If you've not tried this style from Primark before I 100% recommend you give them a go.

 Disney Thumper and Miss Bunny Pyjamas £10
I spent ages looking through all the pyjama options in Primark. I'm not really a nightshirt sort of person and the new major fluffy gift sets are just not practical, I don't want to melt through the night. My Primark had quite a few trouser/tshirt or long sleeve tshirt options and this Disney set drew me in for two reasons - burgundy and bunny rabbits. I don't have any pyjamas that are Bambi or with this colour scheme so this purchase became instantly justified.

Floral Blouse £8 
I seem to buy a blouse every time I go to Primark but for the price and quality there isn't much point in looking anywhere else. I really like the sleeves on this blouse, very on trend at the moment. The floral print is perfect for any season too so I'll be wearing this with a pair of jeans all year round. Work or weekend sorted.

Check Scarf £6
Smartphone Gloves £1 
You can't beat Primark when it comes to winter accessories. I've got my cosy, cream fluffy pom pom hat from last year so I chose a check scarf that would match. It's really big and soft and the large check design makes it perfect for all sorts of outfits. I also splashed out on some gloves that can be used on a touch screen, totally worth the 100 pennies! 

Over the Knee Boots £22
I tried out Over the Knee boots last year and just didn't like how they looked on me. Fast forward a year and with a little help from Slimming World I was ready to try them again. I didn't want to spend loads so Primark was the most obvious option and they had quite a few different colours and styles. I was really happy with this pair, I liked the zip detail and they fit really well. It wasn't until I got them home that I realised how scuffed they were. I originally thought it was just dust as most of the pairs in the shop were like this. Unfortunately that mark is going nowhere so these boots are going back. Gutted. 
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