Etsy Secret Santa Gifts for Her

When I tell people that I'm nearly finished my Christmas shopping they're normally like, 'what, already? how?' and my simple answer is; we do Secret Santas. So instead of buying a present for everyone in my immediate family and my fiance's family we only have to buy one for each. We put names in a hat and pulled one  out so we have one person to buy for. Someone who we can really think about and buy a really special, exciting gift for. I'm also part of a Secret Santa at work and with my besties so there's lots of girls to buy for too. Because of this, and my head start at Christmas shopping I've put together my Etsy Secret Santa Gifts from her because lets face it, Etsy is amazing for personalised presents, unique gifts and small businesses who put their all into making amazing products.

Lets start with a Christmas gift that is perfect whatever age your Secret Santa girl is, a Personalised Christmas Tree Decoration. I've bought a couple of these decorations for this year because you can get them to suit all sizes of family, and being personalised adds that thoughtful touch. This one is perfect for a couple who've not been in their house long and have a little doggy baby. Their names get added onto their hats and the date at the top of the door making it a sweet little keepsake for year after year. 

The next present is for the real girly girl, the beauty lover - Pink Unicorn Makeup Brushes. This set is really affordable and would be lovely tucked into a stocking or as part of a bigger beauty gift box. Whether they've mentioned a new eyeshadow palette or if they're always experimenting with contour and highlighters you've got so many options. Good for lots of budgets.

This Slimming World Food Diary is obviously not for everyone, and this could be a bit insulting if the recipient isn't actually trying to lose weight but for anyone following Slimming World or Weight Watchers this is a must. A food diary with a positive quote on the front can be a good kick up the bum, especially after the food and drink during the festivities. 

I feel like everyone knows a girl who loves Disney. There's definitely a few girls in my life who would be excited to have this Disney Phone Case wrapped up under their tree. Just make sure you buy it for the right type and size of phone. 

You know the saying diamonds are a girls best friend? I feel like Prosecco could easily fit in there instead. My besties love Prosecco but I bet they've never tried Prosecco Popcorn. This would make a lovely stocking filler with some other pamper products like a Gin and Tonic Bubble Bomb, a face mask, chocolate and body butter. Girls night in, in a box!

The Secret Santa Candle is a good option if you don't know the lady too well, someone for work maybe. The candle comes in so many different scents so whether they've always got a sweet tooth in the staffroom and a salted caramel or birthday cake candle would suit them or if they're partial to a drink or two Tequila fragrance would be up their street. You can't go wrong with a candle, right?

The last present is a Custard Cream Cushion. These quirky gifts are the reason I love Etsy. So if you've got a lady in your life that can't resist a custard cream with her cup of tea then this cushion packaged up with a cute mug, some tea bags and a packet of biscuits would be a cosy little bundle. This Etsy store has lots of different biscuit themed products so if Custard Creams aren't right then maybe a digestive or Bourbon would be better.
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