Christmas Scents with Yankee Candle Scenterpiece

Things are beginning to feel a bit more festive but in my house we've got a very strict rule of no decorations until the start of December (I'm also not allowed to watch Christmas films until after my birthday but I've broken that rule with a little help from Netflix and Channel 5). I didn't want to be missing out on the Christmas feeling so I've sneaked Christmas in with a little help from Yankee Candle and the Festive Cocktail Easy Melt Cup.

The Yankee Candle Scenterpiece is such a safe and convenient way of filling a room with a gorgeous, strong scent. I've got the Noah Grey Scenterpiece and it looks great sitting on the windowsill in the hallway because it's quite discrete and the cable is able to be tucked in under the banister. The good thing about having it in the hallway is the scent travels all around the bottom floor of our house and starts to creep up the stairs. It's always nice to have a welcoming scent the minute you open the door. The Scenterpiece has no flame and the heater gets to work quickly. The one thing that baffles me about Yankee Candle Easy Melt Cups is that the wax doesn't actually evaporate or disappear, instead the scent just has less impact. It's a little hard to know when the Melt Cup is actually done. Nonetheless you've got a handy little cup that can be changed up whenever you fancy something different, unlike the Scentsy or other wax melts. 

I bought Festive Cocktail in the cutest little Christmas shop. I was drawn in by the bright red wax and knew after one sniff that it was the perfect cosy, wintery, Christmas scent. Festive Cocktail has top notes of citrus, cranberry and blackcurrant, mid notes of pine and base notes of vanilla - how delicious. The 3 fruity scents are very prominent when you first start melting and it's not long before the fresh Christmas tree smells start to take over. Vanilla is one of my favourites so it's no surprise there's a little hint of that in there too. It's a really rich, warming scent.   

I've had Festive Cocktail melting for long over the 24 hour 'average lasting time' and the warm festive scent is still going strong. I find it much better value for money than candles but if you can't resist the cosiness of the candle flame then you can get Festive Cocktail in a large, medium and small jar

I'm so happy with my choice of Christmas scent, sometimes you really should judge books by their cover, especially if there's a cocktail on the front! I've got my eye on Christmas Cookie and Snowflake Cookie next, I can't resist the sweet scents and Snowflake Cookie is fragrance of the month so has 25% off at the moment. I wonder what Black Friday deals Yankee has up their sleeves... 

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