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How many of you have someone to buy for this Christmas that has everything? If they need or want something they just buy it for themselves, regardless of how close it is to Christmas? That's definitely the case for my grandparents. They're so difficult to buy for and quite often we've settled for a gift voucher but that feels quite impersonal and a little boring. In the past couple of years we've gone down the hamper route and this year I've found the perfect hamper from Prestige HampersThere's so many hampers to choose from on the Prestige Hampers website. They're an online gift service based in Cheshire with only the finest food and wines, all packaged up to make the best Christmas gift for those difficult people. 

My Granny and Grandad are set into their routine but love a little foodie treat so I knew instantly that the Christmas Cracker Hamper would be the one for them. The gift set comes in a Vintage Wooden Case which looks great by itself but tucked away under the wooden lid is lots of lovely little treats, and most of them are British brands! I couldn't quite believe how many different food and drink products could fit inside the crate.

 Grandma Wild Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 150g
Folonari Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 75cl
Edinburgh Christmas Coffee 113g

Grandma Wilds Black Pepper and Poppy Seed Cheese Biscuits 130g
Noug'ah Nougart 75g 

Pinot Grigio Folonari 75cl 

Edinburgh Christmas Coffee 113g
Valley Chocolate Fine Chocolatiers Handmade Truffles 150g

Grandma Wild Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 150g
Christmas Silver Chocolate Coin Jar 100g 
Noug'ah Nougart 75g 

Tomato Basil and Mozzerella Yorkshire Crisps 50g 
Valley Preserves Strawberry Jam 130g
Valley Preserves Marmalade 130g

As you can see there's so many different combinations of products that make this gift a lovely little treat. My Granny and Grandad don't have wine very often but when they do one likes white whilst the other prefers red and lucky for them there's one of each. Folonari is an Italian brand that's been around since 1825, a bit nicer than a cheapy bottle from the Supermarket.  Then onto the sweet treats to enjoy with their glass of wine, including Grandma Wild Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Chocolate Coins, Noug'ah Nougart and Valley Chocolate Fine Chocolatiers Handmade Truffles. Grandma Wild is a British brand that bases all it's products on traditional recipes and finest ingredients. What's Christmas without a good old chocolate coin? There's sure to be an argument or two over that chocolate truffles.

There's also a few savoury snacks which are up my Grandad's street, especially the Marmalade though my Granny will be putting it to the test comparing it to her own homemade one. Sometimes it's nice to have it made for you with no hassle. There's another Grandma Wilds product with the Black Pepper and Poppy Seed Cheese Biscuits and I think these would be tasty as part of a Cheese Board or with a cup of Edinburgh Christmas Coffee, delicious! This will definitely put a smile on their face after I studied in Edinburgh for 4 years and brought back lots of Edinburgh themed treats. Lastly, a snack my Grandparents don't often have but I think the quirky tub packaging might entice them in - the Tomato, Basil and Mozzerella Yorkshire Crisps. I can imagine them relaxing on the sofa, watching a Christmas film and munching through these when all the Christmas leftovers have been scoffed. Overall a lovely hamper to share.

The Christmas Cracker Hamper is just one hamper that Prestige Hampers have to offer on their website. There's something to suit all budgets from cheap hampers at as little as £9.99 up to luxury hampers for those with expensive tastes and lots of mouths to feed. The Sweet Delights Gift Box would be perfect for my brother, whilst I think my Mum would really love the Afternoon Tea Hamper. There's loads to suit my besties as well, especially the Gin and Tonic Gift Box or the Pamper Perfection Gift. It's not just oldies who would love a Prestige Hamper.

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