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The wedding planning is well underway with only 9 months to go to our big day. I've ticked off the big things like venue, dress, band, photographer and florist and have even started tackling some of the finer details including bridesmaid gifts, favours and centrepieces. Now we've got to one of the exciting parts to plan - the honeymoon! We're getting married at the end of July and heading straight on our honeymoon whilst I still have 3 week off work. We want our honeymoon to be one of the most luxurious holidays we'll ever go on. We want to be able to visit a part of the world that we've never been to before and also want it to be a time to relax after our wedding. We hope that our honeymoon can be a dream holiday and the current honeymoon destination at the top of our list is Big Island, Hawaii. Attracted by the glorious sunshine, stunning landscapes, luxury Big Island house rentals and Hawaiian Luaus we've started to explore what Big Island has to offer us. 

Big Island is the nickname for the largest island of the 6 major Hawaiian islands. Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and with a landmass as big as the state of Connecticut, the island is famous for it's diverse landscape. The island is home to active volcanoes, picturesque beaches (with black or green sand!), mountains and unbelievable waterfalls. It's not the most talked about island in Hawaii but it seems to be the most exciting.

Getting to Big Island, Hawaii
There's a few different options when it comes to travelling to Big Island, Hawaii. You can fly into Kona International Airport to the west or Hilo International Airport which is to the East. You could also do a spot of Island hopping by flying into Honolulu International Airport on Ouha then taking a short flight to the island of Hawaii. There's lots of flight options with British Airways, United and American Airlines flying from London Heathrow, some stopping at LAX or San Francisco. We might just be tempted to turn this into a multi-centre holiday to cut down the flight times as it is unfortunately around a 20 hour flight from London. 

Where to Stay in Big Island, Hawaii
We're so used to staying in All Inclusive resorts when it comes to going on holiday that we fancy trying something a little different for our honeymoon. We've been sucked in by the luxury villas that will give us space as a newly wed couple, breathtaking views and a push to explore everything the Island has to offer. Luxury Retreats has 75 hand picked villas located in Big Island Hawaii offering anything from 2 rooms right up to space for 16 people to sleep. Obviously that's a bit crazy for a honeymoon but it shows just how extravagant villas can be. Amenities range from fully-equipped kitchens to heated pools or access to spas and fitness clubs. It really can be a home away from home that allows you to slow the pace down and unwind after a hectic time, while also being a lavish getaway.

If a villa doesn't take your fancy there's plenty of All Inclusive resorts to choose from however they're not as common as other destinations, like Mexico. It's all down to the safe atmosphere and adventure being encouraged. How else are you going to experience the four different climate zones? I think I'd quite like to try Hawaiian cuisine on the beach and seafood at sunset. Happy hour cocktails wouldn't go a miss either.

Things to do in Big Island, Hawaii
We want our honeymoon to have a mix of relaxation and adventure and Big Island sure can offer that in abundance. From helicopter rides to snorkelling, hiking in a National Park to exploring waterfalls we'd be sure to come back with a photo album full of stunning photos. We've narrowed it down to a list of 3 must see/must do excursions and locations. 

Kona Village Luau
Instantly making me think of Lilo and Stitch or 50 First Dates I couldn't go to Hawaii without going to a Luau. What better way of celebrating the culture than going to a Luau? The Kona Village Luau is rated as one of the best with it's live music, dancing and Hawaiian food and drinks. Depending on where you stay though, your hotel might hold it's very only Luau offering Kalua pig and coconut pudding underneath the stars. It's a must do experience! 

Explore the Waterfalls
Just Google Big Island, Hawaii and you'll be amazed by the waterfall pictures. Big Island has some of the most beautiful and tallest waterfalls in the world including Akaka Falls,  Hiilawe Falls and Wai'ilkahi Falls. I would love to visit at least one, to look out from some of the observation areas and maybe dive in for a swim!    

A Helicopter Tour
When a destination has landscapes like Big Island Hawaii you want to be able to see it all and heading to the sky is one of the best ways of doing that. There's lots of different tour options available from companies like Blue Hawaiian Helicopters but I would love to be able to see the lava from the Kilauea Volcano, the black sand beaches, the Hamakua Coast Rainforests and the Kohala Mountains. Having a tour guide who can tell you all about it adds so much to the experience and lots of the tours include stop off points to get up close and personal for photos and videos.

With everything it has to offer is it any wonder Big Island, Hawaii has ended up at the top of our honeymoon destination list? August is their warmest month and we love the sunshine, we just need to decide now if we can survive the long haul flight.

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