Woodwick Crackle Candle Dupe

Woodland Wick Candle £3.99
As much as I love a good candle during any season I can't resist the crackle of a Woodwick candle in the Autumn and Winter months. It instantly adds an element of cosiness that my living room is missing without a fire. I also can't fault the scent pay off from Woodwick candles, they are absolutely amazing and filling the room. But unfortunately my other half always has something to say when I have my eye on a new candle. It tends to be something along the lines of 'another candle' or 'really, don't you already have that one?' That was, until we found the Woodland Wick candles in B&M. 

Though a slightly different shape than the Woodwick candles you can instantly see the similarities with the wooden style lid and the name. I instantly loved the scent of the French Vanilla candle and was impressed by the big round glass packaging. This candle cost less than £5 and will burn for 50 hours. The wooden wick gives off a cosy crackle and the wax melts away quite evenly. The scent is strong enough to fill the room just like a Woodwick candle at well over half the price (4 times cheaper than some of the others that burn for 50 hours)! The only thing I'm wary of is the height of the flame. You do have to be very careful that there's nothing anywhere near it. Mine has pride of place in the middle of the coffee table and it's safely away from everything.

So, if you like the crackle of a Woodwick candle I'd highly recommend checking out B&M to see if you can try out the Woodland Wick version. The choice of fragrance might not be as big as Woodwick but there's bound to be one that takes your fancy!

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