Slimming World - Month 9

This month I've developed a love for Honey Monster Puffs cereal (40g as your HEXb), quark as a snack and soups for lunch. I've really enjoyed meal prepping on a Sunday so while my soups are bubbling away I've tried out making a syn free potato gratin, a low syn toad in the hole meal and a cottage pie this month. The salads are definitely being replaced by Autumn and Winter food! I'm ending the month at my lowest weight, with a loss of 2lbs! Next month I'm going to try and stay focused during a city break in Germany and up my water intake because it's definitely not as good as it needs to be! I've also just bought the new frozen cauliflower rice packs from Tesco so I'm optimistic for some SP days with ease. It's all about little changes like using healthy oil, filling up on fruit and veg and smaller snacks.

Vanilla Muller Light with strawberries and blueberries
Banana, grapes, blueberries and easy peelers with yogurt
Quaker Oats porridge with Almond milk, banana and grapes
Fruit with lidl fat free lemon yogurt 
Honey Monster Puffs with Toffee Muller Light, banana and blueberries
or with a side of apple
or with strawberries and raspberries
or a trio of fruit

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on a sandwich thin
Pasta n' Sauce with speedy salad
Carrot and Corriander Soup
Tomato Soup for the week 

Scrambled eggs on toast with spring onions and cheese
Carrot and coriander soup
Packed lunch and Hydratem8 at work
Vegetable Soup

Chilli Crispy Beef
KFC style chicken with chips and salad
Steak and peppercorn sauce, veg and chips

BBQ pulled pork with sweet potato chips
Wrap pizza
Roast dinner
Chicken kiev and potato gratin

Pasta with chicken and philadelphia
Salt and chilli chips
Burrito Bowl
Chicken with mushroom fakeaway

Low syn toad in the hole
Garlic and lemon chicken goujons
Tuna and cheese baked potatos
Philly cheese steak fried

Cottage pie
Fajita bowl
Crispy beef and rice
Chicken and veg curry

5 syn Fredo
Macmillan Big Coffee Morning cake
30g of nibbles for 6 syns
Quark with Alpen Light and Fruit

Quark with options hot chocolate powder (2syns), Hifi and fruit
Fruit salad
Quark with Walden Farms caramel sauce and fruit
Good old cuppa

Eating Out
 Date night at Zizzis sharing doughballs, a salad main course and sharing a brownie, topped off with a pink G and T.

Low syn Nandos
Breakfast at Dobbies
Fish and Chips
A birthday banquet where I stuck to the Maltesers

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