My Birthday Wishlist

It's a month to my birthday so I think that makes it acceptable to make my birthday wishlist. My wishlist has everything from big, extravagant and spoilt brat status to simple, cute and low budget but I'll explain why everything has been admired before my 26th birthday.

So starting off is a Macbook Rose Gold. Now under no circumstances do I expect to receive this as a gift from any one person. Macbooks are ridiculously expensive but I've had my one for around 7 years now and it's starting to falter. I'm hoping that I can get some money from my parents towards to the gorgeous Rose Gold Macbook and buy it either through the education scheme (because I'm a teacher) or keep my fingers crossed for a Black Friday deal which is actually the day of my birthday - perfect timing!

Onto the only makeup product on my wishlist, Benefit Hoola Lite. Obviously I'd love to receive any makeup or skincare gifts but I'm going to ask for the new Hoola Bronzer. I'm pretty pale, especially in the winter and I love adding a bit of colour to my face with bronzer so Hoola Lite looks perfect. 

Another rose gold thing on my list, the Rose Gold Strap for Fitbit Charge 2. I've got the Fitbit Charge 2 with lilac strap and rose gold edge. I love the idea of changing the strap to make it look a little more dressy so I can wear it on a night out and earn recognition for my hours spent on the dance floor.

Mugler Alien Parfum is my favourite perfume, ever. I would love to be able to wear it every day but it's just so expensive, hence why it's on my wishlist and hasn't just been repurchased when it ran out in August! If I get a bottle for my birthday I'll probably buy a bottle in the Christmas/Boxing Day/New Year sales too!

Now onto the smaller items on my wishlist. I've had the same lunchbag for work since starting teaching in 2013 and a new Sass and Belle Lunch Bag would make a nice change. This design is so bright and happy but also helps keep me motivated with Slimming World. At this time of year I have a candle burning nearly every night and the crackle ones make the living room feel even cosier, especially because we don't have a fire. I would love to receive the Woodwick Sea Salt Caramel candle because sweet scents tend to be my favourite. And last up, it wouldn't be a birthday without a bit of bling! Joma bracelets are lovely for stacking and I have quite a few. The Joma Bunny Bracelet would mean so much to me with our lovely lionhead bunny in our family.

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