Long Weekend in Nuremberg

At the start of my half term break we flew to Nuremberg in Germany for a long weekend with friends. They've lived their for a year and a half and we've finally found the time, and cheap flights, to join them for a few days. They were the perfect tour guides showing us around the sights of Nuremberg, taking us to Bamberg for the day and picking out the best places to eat and drink. They recently got engaged so it was also a great chance to talk weddings and catch up too!

Nuremberg is possibly most famous for it's involvement in World War 2. The Nazi party rallies took place in Nuremberg and after the war the war crime tribunals took place (The Nuremberg Trials). We had to go and visit the Documentation Center and the Nazi Party Rally Grounds to learn a bit more about the city during World War 2.
The museum was only €6 each, including an audio guide, and we were there for close to 3 hours. The exhibition is based in the unfinished Congresshalle and details the rise of the Nazi state.  The displays are all in German but the English audio guides were perfect for detailing each video, artefact and story. It's a must visit, whether you're a history enthusiast or only know about WW2 from Britain's point of view. I learnt so much and have come home wanting to watch more documentaries and films about the war. It's not a museum for kids though, there's too much to look at and listen to, it wouldn't hold their attention.
The Zeppelin field, the Rally Grounds, is about a 10 minute walk away and well worth it. It's quite an eerie place with the platform, where Hitler stood in front of the massive rallies, still standing. There's a few signs here but following on from the Documentation Center we knew a lot about what went on, and how different it looked in the past.

Christmas Shops
We were gutted that we were too early for the world famous Christmas Market. There's nothing more festive than a traditional German market and although we didn't get to experience the mulled wine, gingerbread and atmosphere we did pop into the Christmas shops dotted about the Old Town. 

Kaiserburg Nurnberg 
Nuremberg castle is at the top of a hill on the upper side of the old town. It took a bit of walking to get to the top but the views were worth it. There's lots of different parts of the castle, with tickets depending on the areas you'd like to see, like the tower, well and exhibition hall. Prices are anything from €3.50 up to €12. We didn't bother with paying or going inside anywhere and there was still plenty to see so consider the time you've got and what you want to see or learn. We visited for the chance to take photos of the Nuremberg cityscape and to have a wander around the gardens. If you're into history then there's a chance to read up about the buildings dating back to 1050, see the weapons and armour, learn about the battles, the Middle Ages and the destruction of the city and castle in WW2. You could easily spend 2 hours here, snapping photos and following the tours.

Transport in Germany is so efficient. We used the underground and tram to get about in Nuremberg, from the airport and out to the Documentation Center. We also got the train to Bamberg for the day. We got a Bayern Ticket for the 4 of us for the day at just over €10 each and we were able to travel in the Bavaria Area all day on trains and buses. The train took about an hour to get to Bamberg and it was worth it. 
We spent the day wandering the traditional German streets in the old town, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of their medieval appearance. The Old Town hall and bridges were my favourite spots. We stopped off for a tasting paddle of beers at a brewpub, Ambrausianum which the boys really enjoyed and also managed to fit in a glass of Prosecco in a bar in the train station.

Eating Out in Nuremberg
Mam-Mam Burger
On our first night we had hoped to go to a Mexican restaurant but with it being a Saturday night Enchilada was fully booked so we went with our second choice of burgers because Mam-Mam Burger had a space (though it was rather busy too). My goodness those burgers were huge! I had a single hamburger with blue cheese and bacon, skipping out the side of chips and just sharing with the others. I'm so glad I did because I was stuffed after the burger and just a couple of fries. This restaurant had long tables so it was weird being perched on the end of a table with people dressed up as Super Mario but it didn't affect our catching up too much.

Das Paul
After our first night in Nuremberg we were up early ready to explore but first we needed a big, tasty breakfast. Our options were traditional German or somewhere contemporary. Not fancying something heavy or stodgy we went for a modern restaurant, right next to the river. It was a very chic, trendy restaurant with a fantastic breakfast menu. My poached eggs with smoked salmon and avocado were perfect and my freshly squeezed orange juice was delicious. Possibly one of the best breakfasts I've ever had.

If you're looking for a traditional German meal and experience then this restaurant is a must. It's in the Old Town right near the square, church and castle. There's space to sit inside and out, the staff wear traditional German dress and the menu is packed full of Bratwurst prepared on open firewood fire. The menu is in German but the staff were more than happy to get us a menu in English. As we were there for lunch we didn't want to go over the top so opted for sharing 12 sausages and potato salad. You also get a basket of bread rolls and pretzels on the table to make your own sausage sandwiches. I devoured a few sausages on a roll with some mustard!

On our last night we were happy to eat anywhere and used Trip Advisor to help us out. Five Diner was really high on the list of restaurants in Nuremberg and the mention of Happy Hour was enough to entice us in. The Mojitos were amazing and the big ones really were huge. After eating loads all weekend I went for a Goats Cheese salad (as though that was going to be the healthier option) and a side of sweet potato fries. The chips were the best sweet potato chips that I've ever had. The boys did say their burger wasn't as good as at Mam-Mam Burger though.

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