Slimming World - Month 8

I didn't do a Slimming World post last month, although I was about 75% on plan I was on holiday from work for the whole month, spending a week away at weddings and socialising lots. I gained 4.5lbs in July and wrote it off as part of life. I'm back with my progress throughout August and even with an All Inclusive holiday in Turkey for a week I'd like to think I did a pretty good job. I enjoyed every minute of my holiday, not thinking about what I was drinking or eating and gained 5.5lbs throughout the week. I've since lost that and an extra 2.5lbs and got back to one of my lowest weights so far. Sometimes it's good to have a little break to get your head back in the game. 

 Honey Monster Puffs and Almond Milk with Strawberries and Banana
Honey Monster Puffs with Muller Light and fruit
Fruit and fat free natural yogurt and Walden Farms Caramel Syrup
Fruit and Vanilla Muller Light

Scrambled eggs on toast with spring onions and tomato
Huge syn free salad
Nutella on toast with strawberries
Banana on toast with strawberries

Chicken and bacon Risotto
Pitta Pizza and Salad
Baked potato with Spaghetti Hoops
Fajita pasta bake

Burrito Bowl with Fromage Frais
Pizza topped chicken, wedges and veg
Fanta chicken with veg
His and Hers - meatballs and veg for me! 

Hunter chicken with oxo roast potatoes
left over BBQ food (certainly not syn free)
Chilli with rice and fromage frais
Cheesey steak fries

 Chicken fried rice
Burger and air fried chips
Pimped mac and cheese
Sausage pasta

 Fajita salad
Salt and chilli chicken fakeaway
Chicken stir fry
Sausages and Mash


Caramel Cake Bar - 5syns
Crunchie - 7.5 syns
Quark with options hot chocolate, hifi bar and strawberries - 2 syns
Terry's Chocolate Orange - 2.5 syns per segment

Off Plan Dining Out
 Frogs legs
Stuffed chicken
Chocolate brownie cheesecake
Galaxy Caramel McFlurry

 Completely Off Plan All Inclusive

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