Haircare Routine with ghd, Fanola & Lee Stafford

I quite regularly try out new hair products, often sucked in by deals and recommendations but recently I've been 100% happy with my haircare routine and feel like it's set in stone. My routine is made up of a combination of regular products - those that I use every time I wash my hair- and those that are used on a monthly basis. I wash my hair every 2-3 days with a little help from some dry shampoo but I'm not too picky on which brand or scent I use. I've also got a few different hair tools but I've shared the ones I use at least 3 or 4 times a week (sometimes more!) 

I've been using ghd straighteners for what feels like forever. I honestly think that they are worth the money. In over 10 years (probably around 13 years) I've only ever had 2 pairs of ghds and with that the first pair actually still work! I got my hands on the ghd eclipse straighteners in 2014 and they are still as effective as day one. I love how quickly they style my hair and how smooth and straight they leave my hair. They are my go-to styling tool that I use on a very regular basis and I'm getting into adding waves and curls with them too.

Earlier this year my hairdresser used Fanola No Yellow Shampoo on my hair and I couldn't believe how bright my hair looked. So much so we ditched my usual toner and just used this purple shampoo. I bought the shampoo later that night and have used it once a week (sometimes once a fortnight if I'm starting to look a little too white/purple) ever since. I shared my first impressions back in May and am happy to say I'm still impressed by the results months later.
I bought my first Tangle Teezer hairbrush when I was in my first year of uni back in 2009 and I rarely use any other hairbrush, even now in 2017! Tangle Teezers make brushing my hair pain free, quick and easy and I used to find my hair would get knotty and tangled very easily. 

'For Hair That Won't Grow Past a Certain Length' is one of those products that I've recommended to people for years and can confidently say it works. I've had bleach blonde hair for around 7 years and at the beginning of my bright blonde journey my hair got stuck at that annoying length and it just wouldn't budge. I started using this hair growth treatment in place of my regular conditioner and it wasn't long before I was noticing results. You know your hair has grown when the hairdresser mentions it! A few months ago I stocked up on the lovely pink tubs and it's back to being used nearly every time I wash my hair.

Olaplex was another recommendation by my hairdresser and it continues to be part of my haircare routine 10 months later. I reviewed it last November and described it as a game changer for blonde hair. I use this around once a month as a treatment for deep and permanent repair. This is a fantastic product for those pamper nights when you can relax with a cup of tea and your hair slathered in product. 

I've not used this shampoo for very long but it quickly became a firm favourite in my haircare routine. I use this throughout the majority of the week for washing my hair and leaving it feeling treated and healthy. Adding shine to blonde hair is no easy task but smooth and soft is a good alternative to what can be otherwise dry and damaged hair. If you've ever used any Aussie products then you'll know how delicious they smell and this one is good enough to eat.

ghd Air Hairdryer
Although I normally wash my hair at night I do my best to dry the majority of my hair before going to bed, this helps with frizz and styling. Before I had my ghd Air hairdryer drying my hair was an absolute chore that just left me with a sore arm and throwing a tantrum. The ghd hairdryer has honestly made the process a lot quicker. Again, ghd products come with a higher price tag but when they last for years and give good results then it's worth the investment.

This is the latest addition to my haircare routine and I was lured in both by a 3 for 2 offer and the scent. This is a heat protector which is essential with me regularly straightening or curling my hair but it's also a light cream which helps moisturise, soften and smooth my hair. I quite like using it on my hair at the weekend when I've got time to let my hair air dry because it helps avoid frizz and flyaways. It also speeds up the process a little bit which was a nightmare before.
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