Autumn eBay Finds

Last Year puffer jackets were one of the must have items to keep you warm through winter. Extremely practical when they actually have a hood, I loved my one from Cameo Rose. It's now too big for me and instead of playing it safe with a black or navy one I've got my eye on a mustard coloured one. It's less than £20 and reminds me of the much pricier Superdry ones.

Bath and Body Works Wax Melt
If there was ever a shop I think of when it comes to Autumnal scents it's got to be Bath and Body Works and I don't even like in the US. I'd like to put it down to the fact Youtubers are obsessed and talk endlessly about them but also because we raided a Bath and Body Works in Las Vegas around this time of year and now I'm longing for some of their candles and wax melts. Good job eBay is on the case.

Ankle Chelsea Boots
I've waved goodbye to my flip flops and I'm already struggling with cold feet in my pumps so it's little wonder I've been trawling through the boots on nearly every High Street store website possible. I'm not sure it's possible to beat £10 for a pair of leather look boots!

Another fashion find with unbelievable price is this large grey handbag with short and long strap. Less than £15 is such a good way to try out a new style or colour without committing much money. I'm not sure if I'm too clumsy to have a light coloured bag so this might be a test run before I start adding a Michael Kors one to my Christmas wishlist.

Autumn is all about getting cosy and I'm already pulling out the throws and blankets to snuggle up on the sofa with. This tartan style one is huge and just the right colours for our living room. Grey seems to be one of my must have colours for Autumn/Winter this year.

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks
I'm not ready for dark lips just yet but a nude matte lipstick is my favourite for Autumn. The NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks are one of my favourites and there's so many gorgeous shades to choose from. £2.99 is an absolute bargain compared to the £7 price tag in Boots.

I'm still loving anything marble and rose gold and this iPhone case has got it all going on, right down to the font. New season, new phone case is quite a good motto to live by, right?

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  1. I think just about everyone I know, owns that yellow coat! Ebay is the best place to find so many deals x