Wedding Planning - eBay Finds

With wedding planning well underway I spend a lot of my time looking for ideas on Pinterest and thinking up all the DIYs I can get up to this Summer and the things I'll need to buy instead.  It goes without saying that weddings are expensive so I don't want to spend over the odds on all the added extras so eBay is pretty high up on my list and my watch list seems to grow each week.

I'm going to making my own stationery and making my own place cards is something I'm likely going to do but if it gets closer to the big day and I've not tackled them yet I would be so happy to buy these Gold Confetti Personalised Place cards. I love the font on them and the foil/glitter design isn't too much. We're not going to be having any children at our wedding but I feel like a sweetie table is more for the big kids anyway. If we do decide to keep the sweet tooth guests busy then I would love a wooden Mr & Mrs Sweetie Display tree. It would make an amazing centrepiece on the table. 

Talking about sweet stuff, we're already in talks with our cake maker about what we'd like. I can't wait for doing some taster sessions! With what we've got in mind we want to keep the design pretty simple and have a Personalised Cake Topper on top to do all the work. I know I said I'm planning to tackle the stationery myself but the Wedding Table Seating Plan is something I'm not quite sure about yet. There's so many different ways of doing it and if I go down the 'all on one piece of paper' look then I'd definitely consider getting it done for me. I can't print in A3 at home so why not take all the stress away? I absolutely love the Dotty Hens eBay items especially their Wedding Gift Bag. This would be gorgeous for the thank you gifts that need to be given on the day of the wedding. 

Obviously the thank you's don't stop on the day of the wedding so some Personalised Thank You stickers are bound to come in handy, whether it's on envelopes of thank you cards or wedding cake boxes. A cute little added extra. So far I've already gathered a couple of bridesmaid thank you gifts and this Bridesmaid Keepsake Box would be gorgeous for gathering it altogether. Maybe even a personalised one with their names on it! Any other ideas for bridesmaid presents? And who all do I need to buy thank you presents for? Wedding planning is like a part-time job sometimes!

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