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I've been wearing contact lenses for over two years and because of that I don't really wear my glasses very often. At my last eye check my prescription for glasses had changed slightly but not enough to spend a fortune on a new pair, even more so because they won't be worn daily. I didn't want my eyes to be damaged by wearing the wrong prescription so started hunting for a cheaper online eyeglasses alternative. That's where came into the equation. is exactly what it says on the tin, it's an online prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses shop. Using your prescription information from the optician you can order cheap eyeglasses online in loads of different styles and colours. They have womens, mens and kids glasses in different sizes, materials, frame styles and shapes. There's so much to choose from and with their prices it's hard to just buy one pair! I was most drawn in by the Wayfarer style and wanted a tortoise colour as my other pairs have always been black and a fancied a change. They have a try it on feature using an uploaded photo to help you decide if it's the right style for you. I kind of took the risk by not using it, but knowing that they were similar to previous glasses, and so blooming cheap I didn't mind. It was really easy to input my prescription, I just copied it straight from my piece of paper. Delivery took 3 weeks which it pretty good considering they came from America and had to be manufactured first too. Delivery is free over $49 and only $4.95 if it's less. Once it's all converted these glasses only cost about £27 delivered. They look a lot more expensive than that and come with a case, cleaning cloth and anti-scratch coating. I don't think you could get a deal like that anywhere on the high-street.

If you're in a similar new prescription position or just fancy a change in glasses then check out and use the coupon code GSHOT50 for 50% off on all prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. I'd highly recommend it and for the first time in a while I actually don't mind taking a break from my contact lenses just so I can show off my new glasses.
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