June Favourites

Happy July! For the next month (and a fortnight) I'm on holiday from work and boy do I need it. June was hectic and I had a few favourites that helped me feel a bit more human when I was exhausted, helped keep my skin healthy and filled a spot in my tummy whilst sticking to Slimming World. 

I reviewed this new micellar water near the start of the month before the end of term chaos took over and it pretty much sums up all that's good about it. The more I've used it the more I think the hydro boost is working for my skin.

This perfume is easily my signature scent I've been wearing it so much. I keep it for 'more special occasions' than day to day at work but I love when I've sprayed it on an item of clothing, put it in my wardrobe and go to wear it again - the scent is always still there. I'm already checking out the prices for repurchasing, I might have to buy a refill at the airport in duty free.

Another skincare favourite that's lightweight and hydrating. This aloe water gel style moisturiser is perfect for the summer. It absorbs immediately and is really refreshing. My dehydrated, sensitive skin loves it.

Benefit Gimme Brow
I'm not a 'must do my eyebrows' sort of girl but this month I've taken a bit more time to fill them in. Benefit's Gimme Brow (though I've got the old packaging) is fab for a quick fix. It's pretty much fool-proof and takes no time at all. It's a nice little product for travel too, I'm planning brows on fleek in the sunshine. 

If you've not tried these then you must, even if you're not on Slimming World. They are so delicious with a cup of tea and only 4 syns. A lovely sweet treat, though a little bit on the small side. A little on the pricey side so keep an eye out for offers.

I've seen a little bit of sunshine recently and started to get a bit freckly and I love adding a bit of Hoola Bronzer to add to the glow. This helped me look a little healthier and more alive when I was struggling with exhaustion after the residential trip. This is my must-have bronzer.

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