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I've got less than 3 weeks of work until it's my Summer holidays - 6 lovely weeks off and I can't wait. I've got lots of exciting plans including my first wedding dress appointment and 2 of my best friend's weddings. I'm also planning a week abroad after a week in Edinburgh (close-by to the 2 weddings which are all in one week), but at the moment it's not booked. We're hoping for a good last-minute deal and because all we're hoping for is something all inclusive and sunny we're not too fussy! A potential holiday requires potential holiday clothes. Sunshine calls for bright colours and floral prints. My Slimming World journey has also meant that some of my holiday wardrobe no longer fits so an update is 100% needed. I came across SheIn.co.uk through an advert on Facebook and I've ended up lusting after loads. Their prices are really reasonable and there's such a good selection, my only concern is the different sizings. Lots of the items have been reviewed and mention sizing though.

By the pool

Out exploring

Nighttime cocktails

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  1. Heyy nice printed designer lingerie ... great for outing or to gift someone special ... i also want to buy lingerie online too as they can be available there