Slimming World - Month 5

When I decided in January that it was time to really focus on losing weight and start Slimming World I had no idea how much it would change my lifestyle and that I'd actually still be doing it 5 months later. It's become part of my everyday life and I'm still learning, making changes and most importantly, living life. May hasn't been as 'off plan' as April was but I did still have a hen weekend in Edinburgh and there's no way that Slimming World was going to win with that one. Across the month I maintained quite consistently and had a 1lb loss bringing me to a stone and a half off!

Hints, Tips and New Things
Trying out crispy kale for the first time
My new Kate Spade diary keeping me on track - write everything down!
Meal planning leads to an organised food shop
I tried Schar Gluten Free ciabattas for the first time - thumbs up to a new HEXb.

Did anyone else stock up on Fibre One bars (4syns) while Tesco and Asda had them on offer?
Fibre One with quark and strawberries
Chocolate Fibre One and muller light with berries
And then with Mikado on top
Salted Caramel Fibre one - the best!!

Syn free greek style yogurt
Cuppa and a Fibre One
7 syn mint Aero and cuppa
The last of my Easter Egg

Summer leads to ice cream - malted moments and an Oreo Burger King Ice cream
Easter egg (7.5 syns) with squashies(2.5 syns) and grapes
Muller light with raspberries

Salmon, veg and salad (Walden Farms dressing)
Chicken stir fry
Chicken kiev, oxo roasties and veg
Pitta pizza (HEXa and b)

Cajun chicken burger, salad, chips and coleslaw (3.5 syns)
Salt and Chilli chicken and chips
Salmon, asparagus and veg with nandos sauce (1syn)
Pulled pork ciabatta, chips and salad 

Sweet and sour chicken and rice
Steak, peppercorn sauce, chips and veg
Risotto with asparagus, sweetcorn and cheese 

Stand and stuff tacos (2 syns each)
Chicken skewers and salad
Pizza topped chicken, chips and salad
Chicken stroganoff and cauliflower rice

Burrito bowl and fromage frais
Sweet and sour with cauliflower rice
BBQ pasta with cheese
Chicken stir fry

 Eating Out and Celebrations
Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup at Frankie and Benny's
Haggis Bon Bons at Apex Hotel
Chicken and veg at Apex Hotel 
Bubblegum frozen daiquiri at Vodka Revolution

Chicken fajitas at Chiquitos
Cheesecake at Chiquitos 
Coronation chicken baked potato
Chicken Flatbread and hot Ribena

 Doughballs at Zizzi
Chicken risotto at Zizzi
Salted Caramel Brownie at Zizzi
Morrisons Salad

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