Primark Haul - June 2017

Picture the scene... 9am, just finished pancakes at Frankie and Benny's and head into Primark at Fort Kinnaird. It was probably the most peaceful visit I've ever had to a giant Primark and I think my haul reflects this - I bought loads. It's been months since I've been to a decent Primark and although I didn't have a shopping list there was lots of fab things that I knew about from the website and hauls that I couldn't resist.
This blazer ticks all the boxes for me - blush pink, floral, not too oversized. There's quite a few nice jacket style tops but a lot of them end up drowning me, even when I go down a few sizes. I prefer a true to size fit and this blazer has that. The sleeves are a little different too with the tie close. I can see myself wearing this loads.
Peg Leg Trousers
These trousers aren't as Barbie pink as they look in this photo, they're more of a blush pink. I'm looking forward to wearing these with a black bodysuit or top tucked in and flip flops or heels for one of those Summer get togethers that go from day to night. They're really comfortable but pretty on trend.
Off the Shoulder Top
This top was in one of my wishlists months ago and I've never seen it in my local Primark. It's a simple top but looks so flattering on. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rise up too much with the elastic.
Embroidered Tshirt
This top is gorgeous, you would never guess it's a Primark one. It's extremely see through so I need to find a vest top for underneath which is a pain considering the embroidered panel will show the straps but fingers crossed I can make it work. 
Floral Tshirt
I've actually already got a top very similar to this but these Tshirts are fab for Summer time. The print helps inject some colour into my work wardrobe, the material is lightweight for when the sun actually comes out and the fit is pretty flattering.
Floral Waterproof
I'm going on a residential trip with my class at the end of the month and didn't really have a lightweight waterproof jacket, just a big cosy one. This is in the sportswear section and though it's probably not going to be great in torrential rain it's good for the 'just in case of a shower' days. The floral print adds a bit of fun and colour and considering most of my sports stuff is plain this is perfect.
£4.50 each
I bought some silky pyjamas from Primark in January but they are long sleeves and trousers and there's no way I could wear them through the night now without being a sweaty puddle by the morning so I bought some littler ones for Summer time. These are so cute and girly, look fab on and are a pretty good price.
White Skinny Jeans
I have never, in my life, worn white jeans. It's not something I've ever really thought about considering until last year and even then I wouldn't have dared. Fast forward 5 months through Slimming World and I've been brave and bought a cheap pair (size down too, might I add). The first outing of these will actually be as part of a fancy dress costume but that's a good way to try them out.
Bikini Top and Bottoms
£8 and £4
I have to be honest I wasn't too impressed by the swimwear in the Primark at the Fort. I don't like bikini tops that are just a tiny bit of material, I rather ones that feel like an actual bra. There wasn't many to choose from but this tropical print was probably best. It's different from what I've already got, so that's good.
Inflatable Donut
The infamous Primark inflatable! We've not booked our summer holiday yet but I'm fully prepared when we do. I've never had an inflatable on holiday before and I always say I want one on like day 5 when there's no point. This time I've got a bargain one from the beginning. There's a chance the whole pool will be covered in these so I might need to find a Sharpie to write my name on!
Dark Tropical Duvet
I don't really wear fake tan but I have been wearing gradual tan lotion for months and it's been marking my sheets and covers more and more recently. That's 100% not a good look and I don't want it ruining my stuff so I dragged my fiance to the homeware section to get his approval on a dark duvet cover. Our bedroom is grey so I wanted something colourful at the same time and I think we found the perfect compromise with this tropical print.
Screen Protector £2
Reed Diffuser £3
Tweezers £1
Lastly some good old Primark essentials. The glass screen protectors are the best ones I've every used, I love this scent of reed diffuser and who can resist marble design tweezers? (I actually needed new ones for my eyelash extensions - I'm not just a blogger obsessed with marble).
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