NOTD: Ombre French Nails

My bestie is an absolute babe when it comes to doing nails. She mentioned wanting to try doing ombre nails and I was totally up for being a guinea pig. She uses shellac and in amongst some of her different tools and potions is some kind of miracle hardener. Basically whatever she used on my nails a few appointments ago has made my nails rock hard and these are my own nails - no tips needed! When it came to doing the ombre French she painted the pink and white directly onto a sponge and sponged it on to my nail. They look great and I'm delighted with her first attempt. I'm also loving that these are my real nails.

What's your favourite nail trends and shapes for summer?
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1 comment

  1. I love this, so pretty! Even in the summer I'm more of a dark colour person but I really want to try and get out of that xx