Edinburgh Hen - Vodka Revolution Cocktails, Apex Dinner & Three Sisters Karaoke

The other weekend I headed to Edinburgh to celebrate the hen party of one of my uni friends. Her sister planned the day in the city where we went to uni and I was reunited with her and 3 others after 3 years apart! I was so excited for the day to be able to catch up and have some fun before her wedding in July. I had a brilliant day and I thought I'd share what we got up to for anyone planning a hen in Edinburgh(or anywhere) and looking for ideas. I've also shared the much loved hen party goody bags we got too!

Cocktail Masterclass at Vodka Revolution
Vodka Revolution is famous for it's cocktail master classes. The 90minute session is hands on experience with lots of cocktails, fun and learning. It's really popular with hen parties and birthday parties and I think it was worth every penny. Our masterclass cost £30 each which is good value for the food we ate and the number of cocktails we drank. We were booked in at 1pm in the Vodka Revolution on Chamber Street to have party nibbles first before starting our class at 2pm. We were downstairs which was really spacious and felt really big but private. We were no where near the other 4(at least) hen parties. The nibbles included sweet potato fries, mini burgers, garlic bread, popcorn shrimp, pizza and chicken. This was great for setting us up for our afternoon of drinks and a chance to mingle and chat. We also got our hen party goodie bags at this point too. The class started promptly at 2pm and kicked off with a game which highlights the fun ahead. There was chocolate shots for winners and chilli shots for forfeits along with a few cocktails to share and try. Everyone got the chance to get behind the bar and learn to make their own cocktail too. I'm not made out to be behind a bar but I made a very tasty Fruit Salad Fizzer. After the hour and a half were up we went back to our tables and had a space to continue the hen fun including a Mr & Mrs Game until 5pm. 

2 Course Meal at Apex Hotel
The Apex Hotel on Grassmarket is in an excellent location for access to other pubs and for us it was a middle point between Vodka Revolution and Three Sisters. There's an amazing view of Edinburgh Castle from the hotel door and we passed Greyfriars Bobby for a bit of luck for the Bride. We went to the restuarant in the hotel with the All Day Dining restaurant rather than the Tony Singh restaurant. The restaurant was a good size and had different sections allowing us to dine without causing any disturbance to the other customers. We had a table of 17 and the wait was really reasonable. The menu is quite big but we all chose from the set 2 courses for £15 menu. This made it easy for us to split the bill and meant our stomachs were prepared for the next bucketload of drink. I had Haggis Bon Bons with Whisky Sauce as a starter and Chicken Fillet with Potato and Suede Mash for my main course. I ate every last bit, it was delicious. Unfortunately they were running low on Brie which was a shame so early in the night but I think everyone managed to get something to suit them.

Karaoke at Three Sisters
After dinner we headed off along the Cowgate to Three Sisters for karaoke. They have a karaoke room up the stairs which we hired for 2 hours. It's £80 per hour during peak hours for 10+ people. We were booked from 7pm to 9pm but unfortunately we had to wait half an hour to get in. This didn't dampen the mood too much as we picked from the drinks packages while we waited. We went for a cocktail and vodka package and a prosecco package with a £10 per head kitty which was pretty reasonable. There was 16 of us at karaoke and we all squeezed in, just comfortably but apparently it seats 20. There's was a nice big screen for the lyrics, 2 microphones and an easy to use computer/machine for choosing songs. There was quite a big variety of songs but there was some classics missing and some really disappointing ones too. Every hen night should have 'Marry You' by Bruno Mars but not this one! Remember we didn't get in the room until 7.30pm? We paid for 2 hours and so shouldn't be out until 9.30pm? Well the staff didn't quite deal with the situation very well which led to a bridesmaid and the Bride having to deal with a very disappointing situation. Please be aware of times if you're planning a karaoke hire - you might just be cheated out of £40 through no fault of your own!
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