Slimming World - Month 4

This month marked a year since getting engaged, one of my friend's hen weekends in Liverpool, Easter holidays from school and some exciting news at the end of the month. With all of that I had a few 'off plan' days and watched the scales hover around the same weight for the whole month until right at the end when I cracked with plateau with the help of 10 syn days and a few SP meals. So my total lose for my 4th month of Slimming World is 1lb bringing my total loss to 20lbs. I've spent most of my month in size 10 clothes with a few size 8s thrown in there too. I've also moved away from always wearing black jeans and have found a love for blue jeans, which hasn't been the case for months and months! I'm still happy and still loving it. I even survived measuring out my Easter egg instead of devouring it in one go!
Crunchie spread on toast with fruit (HEX b & 4 syns)
Banana on toast with strawberries and tea (HEXb)
Fruit and Vanilla Skyr yogurt (free)
Quaker Oats porridge and fruit (HEXb)

Naked Noodles (free)
Subway salad (1.5 syns for Honey Mustard Dressing)
Lunches prepped for work (free)
Leftover KFC chicken salad with Walden Farms Caesar dressing (free)

Phillycheese Steak and veg (HEXa)
Pasta 'n Sauce with chicken, cheese and veg (HEXa)
Sweet and sour chicken with noodles and veg (free)
Beef Olives and mash (8syns?)

Hunters chicken and oxo roast potatos (Free)
Salmon, salad and veg (SP)
KFC chicken salad and chips (1 syn ketchup)
Carbonara (HEXa)

Turkey burger on Schar Gluten free ciabata, sweet potato chips and salad (HEXa and b)
Cheesy Cajun Pasta (HEXa)
woops - KFC chicken again!
Chicken stir fry (free)

Eating Out
Anniversary meal - Risotto
Exciting news - High Tea
Hen Weekend - Goats Cheese starter
Hen Weekend - Chicken Caesar Salad

Easter egg & mini eggs (9syns)
Mini eggs (9syns)
Fruit medley (free)
Wholegrain popcorn (2.5syns)

28g Easter Egg (7.5syns)
Caramel egg (9syns)
White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (who knows!?)
Tea and meal planning

Not so Slimming World
We devoured this whole fridge of drink and snacks! Hen weekend celebrations at their finest.
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