Look Good and Feel Great at the Gym

Struggling to find the motivation to get up and workout every morning? Hitting the gym can be a chore if exercise isn’t exactly your favourite thing, but if you want to lose weight and keep fit and healthy for as long as possible it is necessary, and there is one benefit of forcing yourself to be a gym bunny – the cute workout clothes you can buy.

There has never been a wider variety of pretty workout clothes for women than there are now from bright printed leggings to vintage style trainers and even colour-coordinated fitness trackers, which means that, even if you hate every second on the treadmill, you’ll always look good, especially if you check out these tips:

Take a Tote
You don’t just want to look good at the gym; you also want to look good on your way there, which is why you should invest in an oversized tote. You’ll be able to fit your gym clothes and a bottle of water in there, and it’ll look just as good as your everyday handbag.

Pick Printed Yoga Pants
Yoga pants are the ultimate in gym style. They hug your body in all the right ways, ensure you’re free to move around, and they’re safer than most other types of gym trousers. However, an awful lot of yoga pants are bland and boring. If you want to look amazing and stand out, don’t go for boring black or grey yoga pants – choose bright, Indian inspired patterned pants instead!

Choose Your Sports Bra Wisely
Few women would consider a sports bra to be particularly attractive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It is perfectly possible to find a sports bra that offers that much-needed support without flattening your curves completely.

Find Trainers That Fit
You might think that you know your shoe size, and that’s all there is to it, but when you’re buying trainers for exercise purposes, you need to consider the width of your feet and your gait too. If you can do this, you will cut your chances of sustaining an injury.
Choosing trainers that look good as well as fit well has never been easier because there are so many on the market now, but what I would suggest is that instead of buying those bright pink training shoes, you go for a colour that will compliment all of your workout outfits.

No Visible Panty Lines
Workout clothes tend to be a lot tighter than your average outfit, which is why choosing low rise thongs might be a good idea. Other forms of underwear are more likely to give you a visible panty line, and that’s rarely a good look. Ideally, you should also choose underwear which is made from natural fabrics or which are specially designed for exercise if you want to be comfortable when you’re sweating it out in the gym.

Fall in Love with Long-Line Vests
Long-line vests are a gym going gal’s best friend. They skim the hips, cover any lumps and bumps that you haven’t sorted out yet and look really pretty paired with yoga pants. Invest in a few vests, and you’ll always look pretty and ready for action when you hit the treadmill.

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