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I've been following Slimming World for just over 3 months now and I'm loving it. It's really changed my lifestyle and I've enjoyed trying out lots of new recipes while losing weight. I've shared snap shots of my meals and snacks in Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3 documenting my 19lb loss so far. I've made changes that have allowed me to still eat out and socialise but continue to drop pounds and dress sizes at the same time. Seeing results in the mirror and having so many encouraging comments has made this even more positive and I thought it was time to share some of my top tips for following the plan.

Plan it out
Every Saturday we plan out our meals for the week and then do the food shop so that we've got all of the ingredients ready to go. This helps reduce the off plan purchases but also makes sure nothing is missing leading to bad choices. If I know I've got a late night at work or will be eating dinner alone I take that into account. The last thing you want to do when you're starving after work is slave away making a complicated recipe so I make sure staff meeting nights are nice and quick meals and the nights I get home sharp I can make something a bit more fancy. This also helps when it comes to Healthy Extras, if I know I'm having a pitta pizza I don't use up my Hex B on porridge for breakfast. It's like that old saying from school, fail to prepare then prepare to fail.

Write it down
With a 15 syn allowance I wouldn't be able to stick to plan without writing it all down. I've opted for a notebook writing every meal and snack tracking when I've used syns, healthy extras and speed food. If you don't write it down you can start to slip - over indulging in treats perhaps, or sneaking in syns without realising. I feel like my SW notebook keeps me accountable.
Sort out your speed
An important part of Slimming World is eating your third speed fruit and vegetables. There's been times when I'm eating a meal thinking I've added fruit or veg to speed up my weight loss to find out they weren't speed at all. Breakfasts before SW were porridge and banana and I've since added in some strawberries to stick to the speed rules. I wish grapes, banana and sweetcorn were speed!
Find your low syn favourite
The best thing about Slimming World is you never feel deprived. If you want something then you can have it if you can make it fit your syns. I never want to feel like I can't have a bit of chocolate because if I go without I'll end up going mad and eating the whole bar. Instead I've found low syn options that I can eat every day if I want to. For me a Crunchie is great because it's a mix of chocolate and sweet but also lasts a long time. 6.5 syns for the 26g multipack ones is well worth it!
Drink up
Drinking lots of water is important whether you're following Slimming World or not. I've been keeping track of my water intake with my Bevgo 1 litre bottle. I don't use the time markers as such, I just make sure I drink 2 full bottles throughout the day and along with a cup of tea I've more than met my target. 

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  1. Hi Love the idea of the weekly planner with shopping list. Do you have this in a printable format please. Thanks Lisa