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Nip+Fab Exfoliate Glycolic Scrub Fix

A couple of weeks ago I shared my love for Nip+Fab and reviewed the Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic shot this week I've got the low down on one of their best sellers - The Glycolic Scrub from the Exfoliate range. This has become a must have in my skincare routine to help exfoliate, brighten and renew my dehydrated, sensitive skin. I can see why it's a best seller with 5 star reviews.

With sensitive skin it can be hard to get a scrub that isn't too harsh and this Glycolic scrub is a little strong so I only use it once or twice a week but the results are the main reason I've carried on.  My skin feels much cleaner, fresher and smoother every time. It's a 3 in 1 micro exfoliant which makes it quite nice to use and the grapefruit scent is really refreshing. There's flycolic and salicylic acids in the ingredients which help refine, brighten and renew. Any dry, flaky patches have disappeared and my skin looks more even. If you leave it on your face like a face mask for 5 minutes before scrubbing off it gives the AHAs time to work into the skin and get maximum results. This is definitely worth checking out, it's quite often on offer in Superdrug and Boots but I'd be happy to spend the full £10 on this scrub. £10 isn't much for a bit of luxury and positive results.

Jon Richard Fashion & Bridal Jewellery

A fortnight ago I was packing to go to Liverpool for one of my friend's hen weekend. Now that my All That Glitters and Disney Princess costumes have been worn, unpacked and washed it's time to start thinking about the wedding outfit. I think I've found the perfect dress with bardot sleeves, lace and a little bit of sparkle. The hardest part now is accessories! Do I got for a hat or fascinator? What colour shoes do I wear? What about the clutch? After all of that it's time for jewellery. With a little help from Jon Richard I think that might be the easy bit. 

Jon Richard is a stylish but affordable fashion and bridal jewellery brand that's located in 140 Debenhams stores across the UK. Within the Jon Richard range there's something to suit different styles and occasions including John Richard made with Swarovski crystals, MOOD, Simply Silver and Alan Hannah Devoted. So whether it's something simple and timeless or a bold statement piece there's something for everyone. The designs reflect the latest trends and are sure to attract attention and stack up the compliments.

The Simply Silver Sterling range is full of sterling silver jewellery without the premium price tag. There's necklaces, bracelets and earrings with different crystals, coloured stones and pearls. You can choose from timeless looks and contemporary designs and if you're anything like me you'll want to check out the rose gold plated pieces.

I was sent the Rose Gold Plated Star necklace and earrings and I was so impressed by the colour and quality. Sometimes rose gold can look a little off or tarnished but this has the perfect pink hue. The necklace has a nice length chain (16cm with 2cm extender) and the pendant isn't too big. The cubic zirconia has a nice sparkle too. As for the earrings, they didn't irritate my ears at all, that's when you know they're good quality!


The MOOD by Jon Richard range is the place to look if you love something trendy or stylish. There's everything from necklaces and rings to hair accessories and compact mirrors. Everything is a stand out piece whether you're brave enough to wear the whole set or one piece on its own. It's all about the shapes, colours and eclectic fashion.

The MOOD range has the most beautiful selection of colours and with Jon Richard being  a bridal jewellery brand it only seemed right that I tried out something blue. The tonal blue pearl drop set is made up of two gorgeous blues, a bit of black and gold plated metal. All three pieces are definitely statement items so they're big and bold but that doesn't mean you can't wear them all at once. If you have a plain dress maybe with a low neckline the necklace would look amazing. The bracelet is perfect to wear with a LBD. The earrings are a little big and heavy for my liking but maybe with the right up-do they'd add a little glamour to an outfit.

MOOD by Jon Richard Tonal Blue Pearl Drop Bracelet*

Both the Simply Silver and MOOD by John Richard range have something for lots of different ages and occasions. I know my little cousin would love anything from the Rose Gold, Simply Silver section and with her 18th coming up I think that's her present sorted. Or maybe you've got a prom, graduation or graduation ball coming up? Lets face it, you don't need a special occasion when the prices are this good. I've got my eye on the Alan Hannah Devoted range for wedding planning.

Hen Weekend in Liverpool

This time last week I was rushing around trying to fit everything back into my suitcase and keeping my fingers crossed that a hangover couldn't kick in. We went to Liverpool over Easter weekend to celebrate my friend's hen. 8 of us went by car, plane and train whilst the other 5 met us there after a train journey. It's so nice to catch up with old friends and make lots of new ones too. The hen weekend was organised through the company Hen Heaven. This is definitely an expensive option but good if you don't know a city very well. If you're organising the hen with lots of people you don't know then its risk free for you as you don't need to worry about money and losing deposits. 

We were up at 4am for our flight and it was definitely adrenaline and excitement that kept us going. Our flight was a little longer than an hour and with all the waiting and moving about involved we arrived at 10am. We were staying at the Adagio Aparthotel which was an amazing location, fantastic studio apartments, good facilities and had a handy luggage storage. I would 100% stay here again. We couldn't go to Liverpool without checking out some of the shops. I need to go back, we barely touched the surface! By 1pm we were lagging so we headed off to Wetherspoons for cocktails. Didn't take long for us to all perk up again. Before long we were checked in and visiting Tesco for a big shop.

It wouldn't be a hen night without some games! The hotel had a big lounge which we were allowed to decorate and use. This was perfect as a meeting point and stopping us having to squeeze into someone's room. We played some of the classics including Willy Twister and Pin the Willy on the Man. We all got goodie bags which had some dares, photobooth signs, willy straws, shot glasses and a present from the groom - £20! Before long we were getting ready for our first night out. We had the theme of All That Glitters and I took great delight in adding Beauty Boulevard Star Dust to everyones' face. I was wearing a Mela London jumpsuit from New Look and big chunky heels. We headed to Levels and due to the guestlist we had to get there before 11pm. This meant it was really quiet when we got there and we were a bit worried. It didn't take me long to start the dares (and take it upon myself to do everyone else's too). The shots were in and we were soon up on the dancefloor. We didn't leave until 3am - that's 23 hours on the go.

The next day we were up and ready to meet at 12. Our first activity was a treasure hunt around Liverpool. We were split into small groups, had to download an app called Adventures and had 2 hours to walk around the city completing tasks. This was a great way to see the city, have a bit of fun and blow away the cobwebs. I was worried my phone wouldn't last the 2 hours and I was right to think that - we finished on 1% so if you're doing something like this get yourself a battery pack! A quick stop for some drinks and food we were ready for our second activity - Nude Life Drawing. This was hilarious. It was based in the Adelphi Hotel and we had access to the bar. We laughed non-stop for the full hour. The poor hen had to get up to lots of funny things and we all had the chance to work on our artistic talents. After the drawing class we had a quick stop in an Irish pub before going to Blakes for dinner. The restaurant has a Beatles theme and quite a big cocktail list. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with the food. 

Onto Saturday night and the second theme - Disney Princesses. This was right up my street. I loved dressing up as Elsa and we sure got lots of attention. We went to Popworld and again had to arrive by 11pm. Unlike Levels the party had already started. The music was amazing, the DJ was great and we had the bottles of Vodka flowing. We didn't leave the dancefloor the whole night, I would highly recommend Popworld for a good cheesy night. The drink was cheap too. After leaving at 4am we headed home for a quick sleep. I think you can tell from the last photo, taken at the train station, that we were a little tired and all ready for our beds. Liverpool did not disappoint for a hen weekend and I'd love to go back.

Learning to Drive - The Theory Test

For some people turning 17 means learning to drive and for others it's the last thing on their mind. I suppose it depends on whether you need and want the freedom of being able to hop into the car and go, or whether you live in a city where there's buses, trams and trains taking you everywhere you could want to go. I started my driving lessons just a month after my 17th birthday and it wasn't long until I had my theory test booked. I wasn't too sure what to expect and after my boyfriend had failed it a few times I was feeling a little apprehensive.  My parents weren't much help as the theory test was only introduced in 1996 but they were useful for the Highway Code questions. Pass 'N' Go has all the details and it covers everything you need to know about the driving theory test. Here's the low down with a little help from them and my experience...
Booking the test
As soon as you turn 17 you can sit the theory test, but with a charge of £23 I'd suggest taking your time and making sure you've had time to revise. Depending on what test centre you visit you can sit the test on a weekday, weekend or even a bank holiday. You can't book more than one test at a time but you can change the date or rebook if it doesn't go well. It's worth having a look for different test centres if you fail the first one and can't find a suitable date for a resit, there's loads of places! Normally you can find a test within 2 weeks of what you're looking for. My test centre was on a bus which was a strange experience when it broke down and had to be worked on by mechanics while I was doing the test!

Revising for the Test
So as soon as you decide to start driving, even before you’ve booked your theory test you can start revising. The theory test is made up of 50 multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test using 14 separate video clips. You can take a free mock test on the website but there’s also computer software and apps that you can use to learn all about the Highway Code and get to grips with the hazard perception skills. The multiple choice test is 50 random questions all related to the Highway CodeKnowing Traffic Signs and the DVSA essential driving skillsThe hazard perception test was the harder part in my opinion and took a bit longer to practice and get the hang of. The video assessments check your effectiveness at spotting hazards on the road using everyday road scenes and at least one developing hazard. Points are scored when you spot the hazards as they begin to occur You can’t lose points if you get the timing wrong but you will get no points if you click too continuously as though in a pattern. You can practice this both using the CD-ROMs, apps and also getting out there and driving!

Sitting the Test
So it's normal to be a bag of nerves when it comes to doing the theory test but as long as you've done the work you've got a good chance. Driving theory tests have a 57-minute time limit on the multiple-choice section but you can finish it quicker than this (or if you’ve got dyslexia or need more time you can contact the DVSA with proof from a doctor, teacher or employer). When you answer all of the questions you can then have a 3 minute break before moving onto the hazard perception test. The hazard perception has no time limit, it lasts as long as the 14 video clips take to be viewed. As long as you get 43 or more out of 50 for the multiple choice questions and 44 or more out of 75 of the hazard perception test you’ll have passed. You do need to pass both parts – so no slacking on one or the other!

Once you've Passed
When you pass you'll get a letter which will reveal your scores, congratulate you and have a theory test pass certificate number. You need to keep this safe because it's needed to book and take your driving test. You'll want to start thinking about booking your driving test soon because your theory test certificate number expires after 2 years. That might give you a kick up the bum to do more lessons and practising. If you don't pass your driving test before the 2 years are up you have to resit the theory. Having the time ticking on my theory certificate number helped encourage me to get back into lessons in Edinburgh while I was at uni.

Primark Wishlist

Nude Heels £12, Lace Insert Tshirt £10, Lace High Neck Bra £8, 
Black Cut Out Dress £10, Suede Skirt £6, Stripe Bardot Top £10

I've got a little retail therapy trip scheduled in before I go back to work next Monday so I thought I'd scope out the Primark website and see what's new. Making a wishlist can sometimes help prevent too many impulse purchases but it doesn't work too well if my local store isn't well stocked. The struggles. After wasting away at least an hour on the website I was quite surprised to see how monochrome my wishlist is - what season is this meant to be? Maybe I'm just not ready for Summer yet. 

The Bold And The Beautiful

It can be all too easy to slide into a revolving door of black, brown, grey and navy based outfits over winter, after all, days are longer, darker and any hint of colour will just remind you how depressing it is to look out the window and see grey skies again! However, spring has finally sprung and the more summery season brings with it a brand new colour code including sunshine yellow, strawberry pinks, kermit green and in-your-face fuchsia!

Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

Forget banana, lemon or buttercup this season it’s all about primrose yellow on maxi dresses, 3/4 flowing skirts, cold shoulder tops and cut off shorts. Chuck the fashion rulebook out the window, even if you think you can’t wear yellow, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to sneak the sunniest of shades in through feathered earrings, tie-dyed headbands and even beautiful purses with flower detailing.

Too afraid to go full yellow submarine? Mix it up with lapis lazuli blue for a gorgeous summery look that’s perfect for trips to the beach as well as in the office. Don’t think you can blend primary shades and still look smart? A royal blue linen shift dress paired with a canary yellow statement jacket and nude heels adds a burst of colour while still keeping your look formal. Don’t forget a chunky necklace in a contrasting colour that’ll tie everything together without looking too matchy-matchy.

Green With Envy

Another shade to take notice of is fresh, vibrant grass or apple green as it’s going to dominate the shops this summer. For a gorgeous weekend look why not treat yourself to a tropical, or leaf print maxi dress? Don’t forget a shawl to ward off the chill and wear it with tasselled or bejewelled flip flops for a laid-back daytime look, and swap out your tote for a satin emerald clutch and silver heels for something a little more glamorous. Add a little extra sparkle to your outfit by checking out the latest fashion jewellery online such as Iconic’s gorgeous three quartz necklace or show someone special how much you care with a beautiful gold star pendant.

Not everyone feels like they can wear green, often the shade is eschewed for more attractive colours but when it comes to the rainbow trend it’s all about being brave and trying something new. After all, green shows off both blonde, and brunette hair and if you pick the right shade people will admire you for being able to pull off a tricky colour.

Purple Reign

The eighties are back, and right alongside big hair, structured shoulders and wide belts comes a re emergence of vibrant violets and psychedelic purples. This season purple was all over the catwalk, appearing in super tiny crop tops, spandex leggings and cropped jackets as well as filtering down into accessories, scarves and bags including the oh so cute tiny backpacks favoured by fashion bloggers and industry insiders alike. Purple might seem a little out there, but no one’s saying you need to dye your hair a la Kylie Jenner instead let violet shades shine through in your jewellery, makeup or shoes.

NOTD: Glam Nails

I got my nails done on Tuesday in prep for a hen weekend in Liverpool this weekend (and because I love having my nails done in general). I had to share them here because I love them and think they might actually be my favourite nails ever. I spent ages looking through Pinterest for ideas but ended up drawing my own combination and design. I can't stop looking at the glitter, I'm an absolute Magpie.

The glitter on my thumbs is Champagne Pink Twist and then on my ring finger I went for a  Rose Gold Glitter. The white is a bit of a stand out, contrasting nail and the other 2 are a peachy, pink, nude colour finished off with some gems. So much glitz and glam - love them!

Spring New Look Haul

New Look is too good at the moment, it's dangerous! I've been using my non-scale victory of dropping a dress size as an excuse to buy a few new things and all the little Spring additions that I want seem to be available at New Look in one form or another. One of the best bits is the 10% student discount I bagged thanks to my fiancé along with the speedy delivery. It only took a few days for my order to arrive and now I'm kitted out for lots of Easter Holiday socialising in style.

 Blue Floral Bell Sleeve Top
Remember in March when I bought this blouse in Yellow? So... I've worn it so much I had to buy it in blue too. I wouldn't normally do that but the fit, pattern and style is so good that I couldn't resist. I love how it looks with a leather jacket on top.

Pink Bell Sleeve Top
Bell sleeves are so popular at the moment but I'm not 100% convinced this top suits me. It's a gorgeous blush pink colour (which doesn't show up very well unfortunately) and isn't too see through so I won't have to wear a top underneath. I feel like the bell sleeves flare out at the wrong point in my arms to look flattering but maybe I'm just not used to the style yet.

 White Mesh Panel Tshirt
I love white in Spring/Summer and this panel top is a bit more exciting than a plain white tee. The quality is fantastic and it's really soft. I'm impressed and will be wearing it with black jeans asap.

Floral Print Cami Top
I love the colour and print of this cami. It screams summer. The straps are a bit long so I might need to alter them to have a perfect fit. This will be gorgeous with jeans or shorts and flip flops. Effortless fashion. 

Lilac Frill Blouse
I'm definitely a blouse girl. I wear them for work, going out for dinner and shopping days so I feel like I can justify adding another one to my wardrobe. I have nothing in this lilac colour and it's really nice, fresh and girly for this season. 

Mela Black Embroidered Jumpsuit
I'm loving jumpsuits right now, they are the perfect for so many occasions. This embroidered Mela London one is so flattering - sleeveless, slim fit legs and nipped in waist. I love the pockets too. If I don't wear this to a hen night this month, I'll be wearing it on a girls night out soon!

Rose Gold Panel Tote Bag
How gorgeous is this bag? I love this combination of colours and I don't have a bag anything like it. This is a nice difference from black and tan - perfect for Spring and Summer. I hope I can keep the white looking clean and scuff free. Any tips?

Nip+Fab Hydrate Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot


I've found a new favourite skincare brand in Nip+Fab. I have no idea why I haven't tried their products before, but with some offers in Superdrug on their targeted skincare I've instantly fallen in love. My favourite product so far was half price, making it a complete bargain, and part of their Hydrate range makes it a must have for dry, dehydrated skin like mine. The Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot must be one of the most luxurious feeling skincare products that I've used with almost instant results.

This scary and mystical sounding product is actually packed full of a sap that's found in an Amazonian tree. The Dragon's blood ingredient works to protect and heal the skin. It prevents environmental damage, encourages skin cell regeneration and reduces redness. The 50% Hyaluronic solution in this moisture concentrate plumps the appearance of the skin and hydrates for softer, smoother skin. I was sold by the prospect of deep hydration for thirsty and dry skin, moisture lock and a plumper finish. 

This Nip+Fab Hydrate product comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper to help avoid wasting product and creating mess. 2 drops can be added to a day or night moisturiser to boost hydration or it can be used on it's own as a targeted overnight treatment. I've done a bit of both and have seen positive results both ways. The gorgeous coral/orange product is a bit of a mix between a serum and gel which is a quite a nice consistency. It doesn't feel heavy and it doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable when applied alone because it seem to sink in quite quickly. It's definitely best kept for night time though, it doesn't disappear immediately, there's going to be a bit of tackiness.

I've noticed the dry patches on my skin reduce in just a few uses and although I don't think my skin is plumper it definitely looks healthier. If you've got fine lines this would definitely be a product to try out - ageing skin beware! I love having a product that I can mix and match with other moisturisers depending on how my skin looks and feels. It's a gorgeous product that's going to last a long time, a few drops a day is all that's needed. 

Slimming World Top Tips

I've been following Slimming World for just over 3 months now and I'm loving it. It's really changed my lifestyle and I've enjoyed trying out lots of new recipes while losing weight. I've shared snap shots of my meals and snacks in Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3 documenting my 19lb loss so far. I've made changes that have allowed me to still eat out and socialise but continue to drop pounds and dress sizes at the same time. Seeing results in the mirror and having so many encouraging comments has made this even more positive and I thought it was time to share some of my top tips for following the plan.

Plan it out
Every Saturday we plan out our meals for the week and then do the food shop so that we've got all of the ingredients ready to go. This helps reduce the off plan purchases but also makes sure nothing is missing leading to bad choices. If I know I've got a late night at work or will be eating dinner alone I take that into account. The last thing you want to do when you're starving after work is slave away making a complicated recipe so I make sure staff meeting nights are nice and quick meals and the nights I get home sharp I can make something a bit more fancy. This also helps when it comes to Healthy Extras, if I know I'm having a pitta pizza I don't use up my Hex B on porridge for breakfast. It's like that old saying from school, fail to prepare then prepare to fail.

Write it down
With a 15 syn allowance I wouldn't be able to stick to plan without writing it all down. I've opted for a notebook writing every meal and snack tracking when I've used syns, healthy extras and speed food. If you don't write it down you can start to slip - over indulging in treats perhaps, or sneaking in syns without realising. I feel like my SW notebook keeps me accountable.
Sort out your speed
An important part of Slimming World is eating your third speed fruit and vegetables. There's been times when I'm eating a meal thinking I've added fruit or veg to speed up my weight loss to find out they weren't speed at all. Breakfasts before SW were porridge and banana and I've since added in some strawberries to stick to the speed rules. I wish grapes, banana and sweetcorn were speed!
Find your low syn favourite
The best thing about Slimming World is you never feel deprived. If you want something then you can have it if you can make it fit your syns. I never want to feel like I can't have a bit of chocolate because if I go without I'll end up going mad and eating the whole bar. Instead I've found low syn options that I can eat every day if I want to. For me a Crunchie is great because it's a mix of chocolate and sweet but also lasts a long time. 6.5 syns for the 26g multipack ones is well worth it!
Drink up
Drinking lots of water is important whether you're following Slimming World or not. I've been keeping track of my water intake with my Bevgo 1 litre bottle. I don't use the time markers as such, I just make sure I drink 2 full bottles throughout the day and along with a cup of tea I've more than met my target.