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Start Living an Organic Lifestyle

When you hear the term organic, you might just think of food and buying organic food from the supermarket. That is certainly something that you can do. It is often the most obvious thing if you are looking for somewhere to start and aren’t too sure. While buying organic food is part of it, there are plenty of other things that you can do if you are looking to lead a more organic lifestyle. I think that the definition of an organic lifestyle is doing as much as you can to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as caring for the environment. So what are some of the other things that you can do, to improve your health, as well as the environment?

Buy locally

When you buy local produce, you are not only helping a local business, but you are having a much more positive impact on the environment. Imagine if we all ate locally sourced food. There would be no need for planes or boats to fly all across the world, just full of food that is being brought to different areas of the world. That would help to reduce pollution and carbon footprint a lot. So look for local food markets that you can buy from, as well as smaller shops and greengrocers, for example. Food that hasn’t had to travel around the world will also be fresher, which can be better for you. Eating food when picked in its prime state is best. There might be farms in your area that you can buy eggs from or get your meat from. Buying locally is a winning situation in many ways.

Source organic clothing

We can often forget just about how many things that we can source that are organic. Clothing is one of them! Man made materials are best to be avoided, as they aren’t natural. So when they are just sent to landfill, they will be much harder to get rid of. Look for clothing made from materials like organic cotton. Not only will this make them better for the environment, but it will also make them much better for your health. As anything that we put on our skin will affect our health and could irritate our skin.

Use natural cleaning products

If you look on a lot of the bottles in your home that you use for cleaning, there are lots of warnings and symbols on them. They can be so bad for our health when we use them in our home, despite them being used to make things ‘cleaner.’ They can also be horrific for the environment. When we clean our sink or toilets with bleach, it all gets washed down the drain. This goes into the water around us and can damage animal and aquatic life that live in the water. So choosing a natural option, like essential oils, for instance, can be a helpful way to still make your home really clean, but be much better for you and for the environment.

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