Slimming World - Month 1

This month, like lots of people starting their New Years Resolutions, I started my weight loss mission. I'll be searching for my wedding dress this year and I want to feel and look good. This has been the perfect kick up the bum. I've started Slimming World but am going it alone. I've done hours of research, I've searched loads of hashtags on Instagram, I've browsed lots of websites. I've taught myself and have decided to put the money towards treats (like my latest pyjama purchase) instead of paying at a group. I've been writing everything I've eaten down, trying new recipes and googling syns left, right and centre. During my first 4 weight ins I've lost a total of 10lbs. I'm absolutely loving it and want to share some photos of my meals and snacks. As I get to know the plan more I'm hoping to share more losses and maybe start to share my favourite recipes.

Salt and Chilli Chicken with chips
Sweet and sour chicken with brown rice
Beef Chow Mein
Pitta pizza with BBQ style sauce

Pimped mac and cheese
Chicken Kiev with oxo roast potatoes
Burrito Bowl
Beef Stroganoff and rice

More dinners
Hunters Chicken with roast potatoes and veg
KFC style chicken
Meatballs and pasta
Chicken with garlic sauce and rice

Muller light
Hifi Bar and fruit
Hartley's 10cal jelly and strawberries
Apple, grape and jelly.

Do you have any Slimming World low syn snack recommendations or recipes I must try?

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  1. You're doing so well! You should definitely do some recipe posts! I'm trying to get back into SW and need some inspo! x