Primark Haul - February 2017

As I said in my Primark Wishlist it's been a while since I've done any shopping in Primark and I had a giftcard burning a hole in my purse so my recent visit was fairly successful. I bought a weight loss treats, some replacements for basics that were getting old and some lovely work clothes in a size down!
My new years resolution was to start shredding for my wedding so that I feel happy and confident when it comes to choosing a dress in the Summer. I've lost over half a stone and my reward was a lovely new pair of pyjamas. These silky ones feel so luxurious and look like Ted Baker, beaut!

A-line skirts with a long sleeve tshirt or blouse are a great work outfit and this khaki suede style one was such a bargain. Size down than my usual too!!

I love a pair of black, high waisted jeans and a ripped pair were necessary to add to my casual wardrobe. These are a good length for my short legs and aren't too ripped and destroyed.

This style of sleeve is really trendy at the moment and this lace top made me instantly feel ready for Spring. I think I'll wear this with some jeans, boots and leather jacket for a kind of casual night out while it's still Winter.

Speaking of Spring, how lovely is this blouse? Such nice colours and a staple for work. I'm not too keen on the collar but I won't wear it completely buttoned up and it'll look a little nicer.

Another workwear item and this was also in a size down. It's so flattering and the ditsy flower print isn't too big or too much. I'll be wearing this throughout the whole year I think! 

Missguided had loads of these cross strap tshirts but I missed out on the nicest ones that weren't too low cut or over the top. Finally Primark has caught up and it cost me the same price as a coffee from Starbucks!

January is quite a good time to update with workout wardrobe but I'm not needing too many new things and settled for a simple, quick dry tshirt. It's really flattering and a good fit.

How amazing are these trainers?! I've had my eye on a pair of blush pink or beige Adidas Gazelles for ages but can't quite justify the price at the moment. These are my in-between pair to see how many outfits I can style with this colour. 

I bought a medium size P.S Pro blending brush a few months ago in Primark and I love it for concealer. I'm going to give the big one a go for foundation.

My towel head wrap should have been put in the bin about 3 years ago but I couldn't find a replacement that didn't have elastic and was big enough. My last one had a hole in it, had purple marks from shampoo and yellow marks from bleach. Finally it's been replaced!

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  1. I LOVE those Pjs! May have to get some of them!

    1. They look so much more expensive than Primark, a lovely little treat! x